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Self Awareness In Spiritual Warfare

Self awareness in spiritual warfare is something we can overlook. Self awareness is really, self-knowledge or what truth you know about yourself. I know from personal experience that religion can often blind us of our true selves. It also frustrates the ability to change and grow in self-awareness and be better vessels for the Lord.

My Lack

My lack of self-knowledge or self awareness causes many issues. If I am not aware of my soul’s weaknesses, this leaves me open for the Devil to “sift me like wheat.”

For example, I did not realize the depths of my people pleasing nature in my flesh. This huge weakness in me, and the lack of self-awareness did not 1) allow me to contend against and resist the Devil effectively and 2) allow me to further improve the sanctification of my soul.

If I was alert, and persistent at learning and observing myself or having self awareness in spiritual warfare; I would be ready. Ready to fight. Ready to improve.

Our Ministry

Pam Sheppard Ministries teaches and exhorts everyone to grow in self-knowledge. To understand yourself, and know more about you. This often comes by counseling. I know much about me because in my sessions a lot of things about me are exposed.

We cannot be afraid of the truth about ourselves, but we must be open to the realities of our souls. I know a great many people who will often deny the simple realities of themselves. Simply because it contradicts the delusion they have of themselves.

Our ministry what’s you need to improve with self awareness so that self awareness in spiritual warfare won’t be used against you, but will be a weapon for you.

The Fruit Of Self Awareness

When I was religious, Pharisee-like I really lacked self-awareness. I was too caught up with the religious crowd. Too caught up in what others thought. Distracted by all the music, messages, and noise that I never had time to look within.

I would often find myself hypocritically judging others. Or, complaining about the faults of others, when I had faults of my own. I never was aware of the pain I caused others. I couldn’t see how my religious actions and speech made so many uncomfortable.

So, you could say the bad fruit of lacking self-awareness would include: being deceived, hypocrisy, insensitivity, quick to finding faults in others but not yourself, spiritual blindness, not knowing your place, loose boundaries—both your own and disregarding others.