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Shake Your Salvation Tree!

What I am about to ask you to do is to “step outside of your personal situation” and see the broader picture for a brief moment. The problem for all of us is that it is natural for us to be egocentric. In other words, everything that goes on in the world revolves around us and our immediate situation. Therefore, I’m asking you to step outside of the boundaries of your own self-created circle and consider the overall state of institutional spiritual assemblies from an historical not an “hysterical” perspective.

In so doing, imagine that an operation was done in a hospital on a person who had a communicable disease but no one knew he was infected at the time. The doctors and staff were extremely skilled, the hospital was reputable. They simply did not know that the person that was operated on had a disease that would spread and affect everyone.

So the operating room was contaminated in spite of their usual efforts to scrub and sanitize it. The contamination spread throughout the hospital. Everyone who came in there was innocent, not knowing what was going on. Disease continued to spread from one person to the other, because no one properly investigated the cause.

This is the nature of the ecumenical age of our Laodicean spiritual reality. Everyone worldwide in the last 2 centuries has been contaminated by false and mixed doctrine and practices for at least 100 years or more. In fact, everyone has been deceived, across the board.

Who is to blame? Is it the hospital? The one with the disease? No. It is the enemy. The devil and his underlings have successfully planted confusion and via mis-information. within the entire system of worship and legitimate spirituality. ALL are affected by it. There are no exceptions or special cases.

Imagine if you would, the horrific shock of faithful believers who after they died, they heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ somberly say to them, “I never knew YOU!”

Wow. Consider that more than 75% of their entire lives was spent either on a pew or even behind a pulpit.

Does it blow your mind? I can’t even speak any further on it. Yet, these very words are recorded in the book of Matthew as said to people who have claimed to cast out devils in His name. How were they able to set the captives free if the Lord Jesus never knew them?

Commonsense reveals that such believers thought they cast out demons, but they didn’t. Demons merely used games and trick to deceive people into believing that demons were cast out whenthey were not.

Demons are skilled at playing possum.

The first STEP INTHE SHAKING is to “examine your faith.” Jesus advised Laodiceans to “buy gold” from Him that has been tried in the fire. ” In other words, examine the root of the Tree and its fruit and simply go back to the day that you believe you got born again and thoroughly scrutinize your salvation tree from top to bottom.

Bringing this right down home into your own personal backyard, where do YOU stand in the midst of a spiritual conspiracy theory that is mind boggling, to say the least? For if your spiritual tree was shaken, would any of the fruits of the Spirit be made manifest for all to see?

In other words, shake that tree and see if your salvation can withstand the shaking.

PSM IS ABOUT personal shaking to build a solid foundation in Christ. Deliverance counseling can prove to be a hard thing in the beginning. What we have found is that there are stages and changes some go through, including but not limited to denial, defensiveness, anger at us but mostly at God, and worst of all, fear of going to hell. We will love you as expressed in our sincere work to provide help yet for your very sake, we cannot spoon feed you. We try to be as gentle and as supportive as we can but we refuse to hide the truth. There will come a time when it becomes obvious that a client is not born again. Just know that PSM is compelled to warn you for your eternal sake. For if you are among the elect, the Holy Spirit will quicken our words to you at the appointed time for you to “be shaken.”

To avoid this most crucial “shaking,” would be like trying to mend an old garment with a new piece of cloth. It will rip and be torn. So, we waste no time starting that fire that will bring about the shaking. My ears have become accustomed to familiar cries of complaint, like— “I gave up the sin of fornication, packed my bags and stopped living in sin, I went to church regularly, and so on and so forth.” They often come back at us with yet another defense, like “Well, I had a distinct change in lifestyle and personality. All things became new. So why is it that I am still not a new creature?”

Surely, its complicated because Satan has put his hand on the doctrine of salvation and as would be expected, he has brought about much confusion. We will feed you with truth that will set you free. For the gospel of Jesus Christ, though profound, becoming born again is simple, bearing much fruit.

To set up your first Zoom deliverance counseling session, send an email to or call PSM at 838-217-0104

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