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Sleep Paralysis or the Haints?

I began to practice the occult in 1974. I experienced what is known as ‘sleep paralysis” just hours after I held my first seance.

Prior to the early 70’s, I had no conception of a “spiritual” side. In fact, I considered myself either an atheist or an agnostic. I did not believe in the existence of God, but I qualified my disbelief with an attitude of nonchalance. In other words, if it turned out that God actually existed, I did not care.

So in ignorance and by curiosity, I began to study and practice relaxation therapy, which is an introduction to hypnosis. In fact, relaxation therapy was supplementary course to my obtaining a masters in a professional counseling field in 1973. Almost immediately, I was bombarded by spiritual experiences of various kinds. Actually, I suspect that my practice of self hypnosis opened the door to the hidden side of my nature in particular, and to the spirit world, in general.

In the first three years, I documented in a diary about 3000 dreams. Sometimes I would dream, remember and document as many as 10 different dreams in a night . In those early years, meditation, hypnosis and dreams were appetizers that stirred a hunger within me to know the truth of existence and creation. These appetizers also stimulated desire to investigate the reality of life after death and whether or not God really existed. I began to study astrology into the wee hours of the night.

Consumed by what I believed to be cosmic or planetary predictors of the course of human life, I initiated a study of the astrology charts of the deceased. Within the sample, emphasis was placed upon the lifespan of those who had died a violent death. On one particular occasion, I evenwent to the graveyard to obtain the exact date of a man’s birth and death from his tombstone, in order to construct charts of these dates for my study. Later that same night, as I marvelled over the charts that I had constructed, a friend suggested thatI try to contact my “deceased subject” in a seance.

I laughed. I did not believe in such nonsense.

My World Was Turned Upside Down by A Seance!

However, that very night I held my first  séance in the summer of 1974, never expecting that I would enter into a supernatural realm of which I was totally unaware and ill prepared to contend with. As six (6) people,— three(3) children and three 3) adults— gathered around my friend’s dining room table in the dark, we began by making fun and nervously giggling.

We thought we were playing just another parlor game. As we settled down and got quiet, to my amazement, when I raised my head and focused my eyes toward the center of the room, a spirit materialized in front of my face! It manifested in the form of a head of a man, at least 3 times the size of a normal human head. Its substance or essence looked like a thick cloud or a dark room filled or like cigarette smoke. 

The “smoke” formed itself into a perfect shape of a man’s head, with a “V” shaped hairline, sideburns, a chin beard, wearing an old-fashioned ascot around his neck. The room had been darkened by pulling the socket out of the walls while the lamp had been lit. The “head” could not be seen in a lit room. I inserted the plug in the socket and then removed it about three times. While the room was dark, the “head” remained. The third time that I darkened the room, the “head” disappeared suddenly. POOF!

At first, I was not afraid, only excited and amazed that my whole world of skepticism and unbelief was being turned upside down. However, as I lay in my bed in the dark that night, I began to experience a sense of apprehension. Finally I drifted into sleep, only to have an ominous experience that African Americans from the deep south have named “the haints.”

The “haints” is difficult to describe. Psychoanalysts would probably classify the haints as an episode of the “Three D’s”: disassociation, decompensation or disorientation. The haints feel like you are choking. A heaviness comes on you where you believe that someone is on top of you. I remember patting my body and the bed to see who it was that was smothering me. I tried to call for help. However, I had no voice—not even a whisper— to give my call an audible utterance. This experience was so disturbing, that my only response was to pass out into a deep sleep. 

Simply put, I probably fainted.

That was 46 years ago! Today, for me, the haints is small potatoes. A sign that evil spirits have found access to you yet nothing to fear. BTW, I did not know it then but years later, it was revealed that the head that appeared at the seance was that of the so-called ascended master, St. Germain.

Be advised that the haints is only the beginning as Satan and his cohorts have become much more sophisticated and ingenious with the entire realm of supernatural deception. both in and out of church.

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