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Stories of Hope and Faith – “God Saves Online”

“In a dark but difficult time, let these stories of hope and faith give you something to rejoice about what God is doing in the world.” -Pastor Pam Sheppard

As 2020 draws to a close, it leaves behind a trail of destruction in its wake. Everyone was left helpless as they watched the world plunge into a state of perpetual despair: Death after death; disaster after disaster; and calamity after calamity. Amid the Coronavirus, a plague that has brought over 2.05 million people to their graves, lively churches have shut their doors. Their inner walls a scene of utter emptiness and desolation. Stemming from the pandemic, many Christians remain in despair from an inability to worship God. They may fear for their mental wellbeing, they may fear for their salvation. Nevertheless, the book “God Saves Online” is proof that the Lord isn’t restricted to a building and truly He is an omniscient, perfect God. Beloved, if you’re in need of reassurance during one of the darkest periods of the modern era, let this gem of faith ease your mind.

Most Christians attempt to walk a road of painful stones under their feet to prove themselves more justly saved than their non-religious counterparts. In an attempt to please God, they block themselves from loving the sin, yet they hinder themselves from loving the sinner. In doing so, they cast judgement upon those they deem fit. Such religious behavior leads to a life of spiritual self-harm, attempting to reach a pinnacle of perfection that cannot be made by man’s efforts alone.

Consequently, we need to experience a full spiritual rebirth, transforming our very essence into the ability to walk in His will. Otherwise, we may feel that we are never good enough for God’s standards. We live our lives as though in an infinite loop of repentance and sinning: No improvement of our spiritual condition in sight. Worse, we may internalize our own frustrations and lash out at other people: Homosexuals, false converts, mentally ill, the occultists, and those hearing voices or other supernatural experiences are among those whom God shall save.

Yet God has a plan for each one of His Elect. No matter if they were the greatest sinner or the most virtuous saint, He endowed each individual an unmovable, special time stamp to become born again. He has selected these pivotal times before He laid the very foundations of the Earth. The time when a person is called by the voice of God to be His child. Their old, sinful selves are fully rinsed clean to walk the straight and narrow path with grace and ease.

“God Saves Online” brings promising testimonies of hope to all walks of life. Even those who some may consider the most wretched of souls. The Lord has a special plan for reaching each one of His Elect. Pam Sheppard Ministries has witnessed a recent rainfall of individuals rinsed clean of their former nature and translated into the kingdom of God. A unique commonality amongst these testimonies are these people’s previous connections to witchcraft, the occult, and idolatry.

The Holy Spirit saves a former New Agist, gender-confused man after he heard the powerful story of the Gospel, emphasizing Christ’s Resurrection. His rebirth experience didn’t take place in the church but at his own home—the Holy Spirit used YouTube videos to save his spirit for eternity! Another instance includes a woman, who was born again live on a Zoom broadcast. The features of her face changed in front of Pastor Pam’s very eyes after she heard the Gospel, reaching a deep place of godly sorrow: Her past as an ancestral worshiper, dabbling in reiki, and yoga all wiped away by the wind of the Holy Ghost. The words, “I accept Jesus” never even left her lips. God found her! Opening chakras, singing bowls, receiving a voodoo doll—None of these events disqualifies nor prevents His Elect from hearing the sound of His call.

Read for yourself the book’s chapters written by 5 newly found sheep, “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45). Be edified in your faith, trusting that God is seeking lost members of His flock, no matter how entrenched into the world they are.

If you ever think God has abandoned you, or you’re beyond saving—the Lord is the God of possibilities. Right now, He’s ushering people into His Kingdom online in a 21st century way, beyond the circumstances of the pandemic or anything else thrown in our midst. Don’t forget who the universe’s maker is! He is the ultimate decider of one’s eternal destiny. No one else has that right to determine who is too sinful and who is not to be born again. All that is required of a non-born-again member of the Elect is to wait for God’s timing: No other work is necessary to be graced with salvation.

If you’re inquiring to join our virtual ministry, perhaps you may consider our Facebook group, “Let My People Go” linked here. It is constantly updated with day-to-day posts, including helpful videos providing essential information for those needing spiritual guidance. There is also a constant crew of ministry members willing to give additional support and encouragement for people requiring attention. You also can call Pastor Pam at 888-818-1117 for a private, phone session if you’d prefer one-on-one deliverance counseling. Compassionately, God has ways of reaching his Elect far beyond that of a church building. He continues to console His church through uncertainties and perils.

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