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Take Back Your Invitation to Evil Spirits

The supernatural can be spooky. But a lot of it is just smoke and mirrors to intimidate and control you.

I have been “in the spirit” since 1974: first as a psychic medium or channel and then as a born again Christian.

In 1981, I entered Christian ministry. So I have experienced and witnessed a few things with a lot more “on the way.” Lots of mistakes made from which I have learned the most. The supernatural world is more prevalent in these times for the simple reason that we have invited evil spirits to “get in touch with us” by the actions we have taken. One way or the other, we opened the gateways of our souls, widely referred to as “chakras.” Knowingly or ignorantly , the truth of the matter is that we made an invitation so as a result, evil spirits, sometimes pretending to be guardian angels or good spirits from the departed dead, we opened the doors so we have to close them.

Its as simple as THAT! You see, I was ignorant of the spirit realm when I made a few “invitations.” It began with studying and and practicing relaxation  therapy aka hypnosis, followed by plotting astrology charts which led to divination, and finally, I kicked the door to my soul wide open when initially playing around, I succumbed to conducting a seance and an “entity” appeared.

Quickly, one thing led to another and without asking me for permission, spirits began to enter  me when they chose to speak to anyone gathered.My spirit was outside of my body screaming “Let me back in,” but the people assembled could not hear me and the evil spirits  used m soul and my body as a rag doll until  God intervened wherein  I rose up and shouted, “this is ENOUGH!”

What I know to be true for the last 4 decades is that the  very first mandate to successfully uninviting evil spirits, crucial to your freedom  is THIS:


At Pam Sheppard Ministries, we have tools. If you are one who wants to work alone, we have ebooks, courses and workshops. If you need assisted self study, we have online groups. If you want continual help, we have one on one deliverance counseling on Zoom.If interested,  call 838-217-0104 and ask for Evan.  Send emails to 

Just be aware of this most important step. In every case, YOU made the invitation. So, “YOU have to take it back!”

It aint easy but it  is doable!!!! Jesus Christ said it quite simply yet quite profoundly: you shall know the truth and its the truth that will MAKE  you FREE!!!

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