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Tearing Down Strongholds

One of the steps or stages  in the deliverance counseling  process is uncovering and tearing down strongholds which includes identifying blockages and focusing on  personality defects.

What is a stronghold?

“A stronghold is a blockage, a hindrance  or a stumbling block consisting of  an interconnection of a people , a places and /or things,.  A stronghold can also be an event, a personality defect or a thing that evil spirits  consistently use as a tool to cause us confusion, weakness and defeat.  At times, there is something in our personality or character that draws us  either by attraction or manipulation via  seduction to  first believe then DO something detrimental to us or others. 

A stronghold also  functions  as a doorway for particular constellation of evil spirits. Usually the stronghold is upheld by a particular sin but most often a belief system, a skillfully  woven web of thoughts and emotions  that serve to stimulate or activate   the ever-present weight that continues to beset us. The weight is the anchor to the stronghold. 

Uncovering and tearing down strongholds may consist contending with one demon or a constellation of evil spirits under the authority of a fallen angel.  The more widespread  the stronghold, the more unproductive the client’s spiritual life will be. Upon searching for strongholds, we prepare  the captive to face them squarely by recognizing factors and issues that may lie in either his subconscious or even the unconscious mind. In this regard, dream interpretation is an important tool in uncovering subliminal strongholds, the deliverance coaches I  train seek the Lord in prayer, asking Him to uncover that which is hidden so that the captive can receive a powerful insight that might be earth shattering. 

Uncovering A Stronghold: Blockages

Consider a woman who was raised in the church. She strongly believes and assumes  that she is born again  because of her church affiliation and the fact that she speaks in tongues. She never, ever  suspected that she was not able  to   successfully contend with evil spirits  is because she never got born again, in spite of her faithful church attendance. 

However, during deliverance counseling,  the Lord revealed to her   that He has allowed the demons to torment her because her eternal salvation was in the balance. Simply put, God used the  torment drive her to us to seek  help, so that He could open her  eyes so that she could perceive her true spiritual condition.

Tearing Down Strongholds:  Spotting Issues and Defects

 Another facet to a stronghold of this kind is that very often, religious people are very invested in maintaining the power of their stronghold, even though they would like to be relieved from torment. Consider a person who is out on the ledge of a high rise apartment house, trying to get into the window of her apartment which is several feet to the left of her. In order to reach her destination, she must avoid looking down or to the right to avoid getting dizzy or distracted and end up falling to her death.  Similarly, anyone  bound by a stronghold may try to avoid any deviation from his or her usual patterns for fear of either falling or failing.  The course that the captive has developed over time consists of unconscious defense mechanisms, designed on a subliminal level to keep the captive on his path, even though the captive would agree that the path he has chosen is destructive.

Another example is a woman  who is dependent upon an abusive partner will be hindered from making any independent moves of her own. As such, those in the bondage to a stronghold can  lack spontaneity of feeling, thought and/ or willpower, making the  soul weak and unstable. Each stronghold will create a specific fear or doubt as well as an accompanying behavior of his self concept and pride system. 

Those  who are in bondage to their own self-created stronghold will often attribute the strength of the stronghold to evil spirits , when in fact, casting out the demons will not bring any  substantive relief. In a case of this kind, the stronghold is  deeply embedded  within the personality defect,  subsequently providing evil spirits unhindered access to the soul. Through deliverance coaching and/or counseling, it is imperative to deal with the personality defect prior to casting out demons evil spirits who will eventually return.

The  approach at PSM is to first  successfully deal with the defect, and to not   be surprised if the demon walks away on its own.”

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