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The 3 :P’s: Parables, Plagues and Prophecy

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Jesus certainly desires that His people prosper for it is one of the important reasons for His first coming. He said so Himself. Satan comes to kill, to steal, and to destroy. But the Lord declared that He has come so that His people may have and enjoy life in an abundance.

Even so, the Lord knows who are His. Since He wants His people to prosper, He cried to the Apostle John from the Book of Revelation, “Come Out of Her, My People, less you partake of her sins. Lest you receive of Her plagues.” (Revelations 18:4)

A plague is a curse. A curse is the opposite of a blessing. God’s people are being cursed because “they simply don’t know where Satan’s seat is.” Without a knowledge of church history, Satan’s seat is hidden and the true gospel of Jesus Christ is veiled. For if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them who are lost, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ should shine on them.

The Lord predicted that the wheat and the tare would grow together in each generation. Yet in the last generation, we cannot uproot the tare from the wheat primarily because we simply can’t tell the difference between the two. The time has come in human world history, where the wheat and the tare look like, think alike and live alike.

The clue is how we interpret the Lord’s last word to His followers as recorded in the first 3 chapters of the book of Revelation. As the IC train rolled down her track of recorded time, the Lord looked through and beyond her historic tunnel into decades of centuries. As the omniscient God, Jesus saw how the religion would evolve into the false religious system. In fact, Jesus knew where Satan’s seed was while He ministered on the shores of Galilee. It was among the religious hypocrites whom the Lord called vipers declaring, “you are of your father, the devil.”

Therefore, Jesus veiled his foreknowledge by hiding the truth in the kingdom of heaven parables of Matthew. The entire 2000 years of 7 spiritual ages are symbolically hidden in that ONE chapter. First, there is the mustard seed that grew into a huge tree, followed by the birds that came to live in her many branches. The religious hypocrites of that time did not understand the parables but Jesus took private time to explain their meaning to His disciples.

The mustard seeds are the handful of His followers that would miraculously spread the gospel throughout the entire known world in the first century. The huge tree began to form itself a few hundred years after His ascension, until toward the end of the last age, the trunk of that huge tree became Catholicism and all of the many “branches” OR denominations are the Protestant churches.

And lets not forget “the birds.” Jesus explained that the flying creators are symbolic of demons, — fallen evil spirits that work for the prince of the power of the AIR! Yes! The Lord knew exactly how Satan would establish His seat in each of His 7 church ages. And through the Apostle John, Jesus both informs and forewarns each organized religious system that we call “the church.” The wheat and the tare, the children of god and the seed of Satan, grow together in the world.

God’s people should be separate from the world and the Harlot. are. However, there is a true Bride and there is a false Harlot. . The true Bride, the Lord’s Body consists of only born again people. The Harlot is a mixture of the true with the false. As to the mixture, In His parable, the Lord posed a rhetorical question for which He already knew the answer. In the parable of the Sower, the Lord asked “who has done this thing???.” And the reply?

While we were sleeping, the enemy—Satan—came into the vineyard and planted weeds of deception. The elect have been sleeping for many more centuries than she has been awake. In the last of the last days, the wheat and the tare cannot be distinguished one from the other. This is a fulfillment of prophecy. For to the symbolic religious system that the Lord named “Laodicea,”

Jesus actually predicted our future. To the 7th age, the Lord predicted that Laodiceans would boast that they are rich and in need of nothing. This is the false prosperity gospel of our times, In fact, the expression “I’m blessed” fulfills Laodicean boasting. But those who remain in darkness lie naked before Him, most certainly ASLEEP!

Satan’s deception in the last age is utterly pervasive. Spiritual discernment has been blocked for more than a century because as the Apostle Paul also warned, many have already departed from the faith. They have given heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. (I Timothy 4:1-4) Since traditional and charismatic worship have fallen hook line and sinker for Satanic deception over a total period of about 19 centuries, believers cannot be translated out of her darkness into the light of God without repentance.

The problem is that because institutional worship is entrenched, trapped if you will, both financially, emotionally and politically, repentance is not possible for the system itself. Consequently, the Lord is opening up the blind eyes of His people, one by one. He is speaking directly to a believer’s heart with an urgent message of “stand up, move out and move on.”

This is an important purpose of PSM: when believer’s hear the trumpet sound loud and clear in the spirit, we have the anointing of Moses to prepare them for both the exodus from the worldly system and for the return of the Lord in His second coming.

He is expecting His people to be waiting for Him, fully prepared.

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