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The Cause Of These Australian Wildfires?

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Is it possible that people can unknowingly cause disasters? It has now been discerned that the wildfires in Australia could have been started by both Charismatic revivalists, and people praying unspiritually with soul-power. So, are ungodly people the cause of these Australian wildfires?

Charismatic Interference

During my religious bondage I was involved with a Charismatic group of Christians. These people were all about “anointing,” prophesy, tongues, fire, converting unbelievers, “Israel,” and intercession.

The pastor of this group was part of “huge” revival movement that was prophesied to take place in Australia. He claim that God told him, “My Spirit hovers over it (Australia).” But, with the truth revealed in the Scriptures is that there will be no revival, in fact quite the opposite. The whole world will “wax worse and worse” and into the rule of the Anti-Christ.

So, since their revival is not according to the truth, and they apparently “hear from God.” What’s happening? These revivalist are actually praying, and working for fallen angels, and are ignorantly under the control of the “god of this world.” Satan, the “Prince of the power of the air” is the one receiving their prayers, and work.

Further Synopsis

These Charismatic’s are counterfeit born-again believers. Who are really soulish, carnal people proclaiming Christianity. Because of their deception, Satan has ground over them to use their prayers, and work to carry out destruction since he is a “murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44).

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On top of that, all the other religions in the world also “praying” to “God.” Many religions have become gravitated toward the “new religion” of environmentalism. While, yes the, “righteous man regards the life of his animal” (Pro. 12:10). There’s a difference between genuine care for God’s creation, and “worshiping the creation” and trying to bring about salvation of the “earth.” Also, not realizing that this earth will be destroyed by God and will be made new (Rev. 21:1).

What is happening in the spirit-realm, is that the souls of men are sending up requests not to God, but to fallen angels, and wicked spirits. Since, Satan is a fallen angel, and governs over the wicked spirits. He simply will take these psychic powers and direct them toward destruction.

Discerning The Cause

It is entirely possible for righteous people to pray for weather, like Elijah did. “Righteous” as in born-again believers in Christ. And, it’s entirely possible for God Himself to ordain destruction, and use nature for His purposes and will. And, it’s also possible too that Satan can use the “elemental” forces for his purposes also…

The reason I perceive that these wildfires are because of ungodly people is that God Himself has condemned their revival. Or, that Satan has used their prayers for ground to murder. Either way, the cause of the Australian wildfires is because of ungodly people.

This Begs The Question

This begs the question, how many “disasters” have been caused by psychic prayers taken by evil spirits? The church and synagogue shootings, tornadoes, tsunamis, crime, cancer, diseases, famine, could some of these causes be because of the ungodly prayers “floating” around in in the spirit-realm, unheard and unanswered by the true God?

It doesn’t matter what you ask devils. You are in “communion” with them, that gives them ground to manipulate your prayer. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE EVIL. When you pray to God as a regenerated person, He is good, and will do good. But, when your soul makes contact with an evil spirit, they can’t do good, ONLY EVIL. Despite what “good” you asked for. Can the devil bring about “good”? Sure to the undiscerning, the devil can grant people materialistic and worldly power, as seen with his temptations with Christ. But, it’s not good in light of the truth…

To close the matter, people are ignorantly praying to wicked spirits that cause pain, suffering, and destruction. Simply because their prayers are sinful and sourced from the flesh. And these sinful prayers are at work in the atmosphere, with the “Prince of the power of the air” using them. And are the cause of these Australian wildfires.

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The More Prayer The More Desctruction

As this “prayer” and “meditation” movement continues within the world that is slay in the power of the devil, the more the movement goes forth of destruction. Ironically, people think their prayers “work” when the wicked Strategist may temporarily grant your request to keep your prayers directed toward the evil one that he is.

The more appropriate word for this movement of “mindfulness” and prayer is: consent. Consent to be used by Satan; consent to give ground to wicked spirits. And, consent to the Wicked One using your prayers and thoughts. As an interesting scheme, Satan is in fact using these horrible events inspired by him, and the prayers he receives. More people then, since most only pray during terrible circumstances, pray to the god of this world and add to the fuel of sinful prayers in the air.

“MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE” (Hosea 4:6). Not to mention, that people REJECT knowledge. Because of this ignorant, and rebellious age, the destruction WILL CONTINUE. Only, until the Gospel is touching the fallen spirits of men, bringing about salvation, can we see a glimpse of PEACE on this earth…

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