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The Cause Of These Australian Wildfires?

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Is it possible that people can unknowingly cause disasters? It has now been discerned that the wildfires in Australia could have been started by both Charismatic revivalists, and people praying unspiritually with soul-power. So, are ungodly people the cause of these Australian wildfires?

Charismatic Interference

During my religious bondage I was involved with a Charismatic group of Christians. These people were all about “anointing,” prophesy, tongues, fire, converting unbelievers, “Israel,” and intercession.

The pastor of this group was part of “huge” revival movement that was prophesied to take place in Australia. He claim that God told him, “My Spirit hovers over it (Australia).” But, with the truth revealed in the Scriptures is that there will be no revival, in fact quite the opposite. The whole world will “wax worse and worse” and into the rule of the Anti-Christ.

So, since their revival is not according to the truth, and they apparently “hear from God.” What’s happening? These revivalist are actually praying, and working for fallen angels, and are ignorantly under the control of the “god of this world.” Satan, the “Prince of the power of the air” is the one receiving their prayers, and work.

Further Synopsis