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The Coronavirus and the Churches

Produced on Sunday, 5/3/20 on Zoom, this Christian virtual Zoom meeting includes, prayer, scripture, song, a sermon and a group discussion within a space of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Within a series of messages called “Let My People Go,” the primary subject of the second production is to explore a major reason why “the doors of the church are now CLOSED! So sit back and learn about “the Fake Jesus!”

Learn More About the Fake Jesus

From the days when Lucifer fell from heaven because of his rebellion against God, what compells Satan is that he desires to be worshipped like God. As such, he will go to ANY lengths to obtain it, even deceive people who think they are worshipping the Son of God when in actuality, they are worshipping one of Satan’s cohorts, the fake Jesus aka Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

Sananda is the god of both the occult and the false church.

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