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The Damaged Soul: The Spirit Can Be Deceived By The Soul

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References: "Faces of the Religious Demon" by Pastor Pam Sheppard, "The Church of the Endtime Zombies" by Pastor Pam Sheppard, Article: "Spirit, Soul, and Chakras" by Pastor Pam

Religion/False Conversions

"The soul is where the human heart is. There is a heart chakra. The Bible says that the heart or the heart chakra, is not just wicked, but desperately wicked. Therefore, to open the chakras is to unleash human wickedness and open the chakra doorways to more evil, by providing access to evil spirits. This explains why people with false conversions end up badly tormented. A wicked soul seeking power will produce evil results."

When an individual asks Jesus to come into their heart, says a sinner's prayer, or makes a decision to accept Jesus, the individual has invited the fallen angel Isha. Isha is the Hindu god over the heart chakra. He responds to this invitation as a call to the fake Jesus, who is Jesus Sananda Immanuel, that Isha serves. Religious demons are able to enter and take up residence.

When you have had a false conversion, your soul is damaged.

Your issues with sin--alcohol, drugs, sex, lust, hatred, racism/prejudice continue to cause you to damage yourself and practically self-destruct.

Your already wicked heart is in line with evil spirits when you have had a false conversion.

(John 6:63) Jesus was telling the disciples, "that the Spirit gives life: the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you they are full of the Spirit and life."

Religious demons' tricks keep the person in the dark, even about their own spiritual condition.

Conscious and Unconcious Mind

Unconcious mind includes forgotten archetypes, past experiences, images. It is often not activated unless an event stimulates or reminds them of that behavior, feeling, or past experience.

People have damaged souls due to the unconcious and concious mind. It is difficult for an individual to come to terms with who they are when the unconcious mind is filled with painful memories, like sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. With a concious mind, the individual is aware of their problems but can still struggle to improve on those weaknesses.

A person's unconcious experiences can produce imaginations and assumptions.

A painful past that you forgot and put into your unconcious mind; can shape the way you handle your feelings to this day.

Deliverance Counseling

  1. Casting Down Imaginations helps the captive to focus on particular behaviors, analyze them and then guide the captive to use their free will to choose the will of God as revealed in His Word. Scripture: 2nd Corinthians 10:5

  2. Empower the Captive- (Use truth, love, their own testimonies.) Empower them to break out of self-defeating, self-limiting patterns. Utilize the support of a Christ-centered network. EIC is a support system and a source of empowerment.

  3. Replacing Old Seed- a deliverance session can set a captive free from demons but if the captive still keeps the same mindsets, another authority figure, whether a co-worker, supervisor, friend, or strong church member can put the captive back into bondage. Demons know how to travel. They will find someone in the captive's environment to continue to send "seed that binds." Captives who "brood over the past" must overcome by having victory over the past in spite of all their failures that the enemy helped them list and record in their mind.

  4. Proclamations- the captive says a proclamation if they have weakness in their soul they are trying to deal with. For example, individuals who tend to be people-pleaser or hide their true self, can say a proclamation out loud against that behavior so that their soul can hear themselves say it.

  5. Renounce Legal contract with religious demons.

The Spirit is Affected by the Damaged Soul

If the born-again individual gives into their carnal flesh in the soul, they have forsaken the Holy Spirit that is in them and have chosen to indulge in their soul's problems.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth defeated all things when He died and physically came back alive again. With all the things He defeated, that includes fear. If before being born-again you were afraid of showing your true self, Salvation in Jesus Christ defeats all that fear. The Holy Spirit guides you to choose truth.

A born-again believer walks in the Spirit by rejecting their soul's self-indulgences and weaknesses.

Problems of the soul can cause spiritual ignorance. This can serve as a dark cloud that blocks the light of the Holy Ghost from penetrating our spirits.

A born-again believer walks in the Spirit when they are ready for darkness to be exposed and reject all forms of deception.

If any sin comes back to a born-again believer, they must repent of it. When they do this, they walk in the Spirit.

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