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The Dilemma of Occult Practitioners, Now “Christian.”

When as an ex New Age occultist I  first became a bit undeceived, the enemy realized that his authority in my life was threatened. Consequently, his access to me had to change from direct contact through channeling to hidden deception.  As a result, my assigned fallen angel changed his tactics to subtle deception from a religious perspective. For example,   those whom the Lord saves who were accustomed to supernatural experiences like healing,  telekinesis, poltergeist and other magical  types of manifestations will try to explain such phenomena  with scriptures. They  will reason, rationalize and continue to believe that  psychic phenomena  are  the biblical gift of the Holy Spirit, akin to God’s gift of miracles.

For example, as a former psychic, when  I was just born again a year or so,  I spoke to a storm and it seemed that I stopped it.   It was one of those summer storms.  My clothes were drying on an outside line and I had just settled down in my backyard in a lawn chair with a cool drink when the sky got dark and the winds kicked up.  I stood up, spoke directly to the storm and commanded it to leave.  I kid you not, it rained all around my backyard, but not a drop fell where I dwelled.  The sun came back out, shined only above  me, while the entire neighborhood was flooded with rain. It was quite a deluge. 

 So of course, I connected this incident to the Lord speaking to a storm and what He said about speaking to mountains as my biblical “confirmation.”   I look back now and I realize that this manifestation was probably not from God.  The Satanic motive?  To make me  into a signs and wonders, charismatic freak. The fallen angel responsible was quite successful.  It didn’t take much to turn me into granola—a fruit, a nut and a flake!

“My life has been supernatural since 1974, from necromancy to channeling, to poltergeist and divination. Once in Christ, I first entered into preaching, prophecy,  laying on of hands, tongues, slain in the spirit, casting out demons, healing and “more.” I personally bear witness to  how easy it is for a former occultist to gravitate to all things supernatural within religious systems. 

Once I got born again in 1977, it seems I got through life for decades without being bored due to my daily dreams and supernatural experiences sent by the Holy Spirit and also Satan. In the first two decades, if I gave an account of a particular happening, people would have to ask me “was that a dream or did that REALLY happen? I used to dream 10 dreams a night in those days.  In this the 4th decade, I simply KNOW things and I don’t focus on HOW I know them.  I just do. Since around 2004,  I only have about 10-20 dreams a year, most of them are from God and those few sent from the enemy are soon recognizable, and most often forgotten. 

Once I left the occult, the nature of the supernatural changed in the 25 years I served in an  institutional church. I still had a plethora of dreams but what stands out about those years is that  I became hooked on what my destiny would be, well before I heard the messages of destiny mega-preachers. What I did not realize is that my ministerial destiny is more like an online depiction  of the prophet Moses  and also akin to the Apostle Paul.  In fact, I am not aware of any present day models or comparisons. 

So how did I detox from both the occult and religion?

It is quite simple. I just accepted the truth. Once I did, the supernatural has  become natural. In fact, i move forward day to day noticing but not reacting or being distracted by what is of the supernatural realm. 

A part of my particular evolution is that I live  in the here and now and the only supernatural event I look forward to is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the planet earth!  His return to rule is the supernatural event of human and world history. Furthermore,  I have reclaimed both my will power and my practically grounded  commonsense. The word PALEEZE became a well used word in my vocabulary. I am a skeptic who walks by faith and trusts in God.   I don’t expect to hear from God until He is ready to take me a step higher on my spiritual ladder. I don’t ask for anything supernatural. I leave it up to Him. What He wants me to know, He continues to  share in due season. 

it would seem that I would be bored without the supernatural to lean on. Not really. I enjoy the peace I have a lot more than the stress that comes from Satanic supernatural experiences. For peace in these times is truly a supernatural phenomena as it by passes all human understanding. In fact,   I actually lean more on God now than I did 20 years ago. 

Sometimes a former psychic  ends up trusting more in a sign or a wonder than we  trust in God Himself.  I don’t need to see Him, I don’t beg for a closer walk with Him. I walk by faith and the Holy Spirit guides me along the way. What is truly supernatural in my life presently is to witness how God answers my prayers on behalf of those He sends to me to serve.  

Personally speaking, I just BE!!!

After all, the biggest supernatural thing that ever happened to me, I did not seek! God just SHOWED UP!” When He did, in a split second, I was born again.  Nothing has been the same since March 29, 1977 at 4 pm on a Monday!!! .  As a new creature or “creation,” I continue to evolve, even faster than before. My life remains a quietly  supernatural walk in the spirit, decade by decade, day by day. I await the Lord’s return in my lifetime, a supernatural event that is beyond anything the occult or charismatic religion has to offer. 

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