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The God Of Peace

God is not of confusion, but peace. Confusion can also mean disorder, corruption, and misunderstanding. God is not of any such thing, but is of order, just, harmony, and peace. God is the God of peace!


Peace is not just some “bliss” sensational feeling. Nor is it some hippie movement about love and getting trippy. Any true and enduring peace can only come from God Himself.

God came in the flesh of Jesus as the “Prince of Peace.” And the fruit of the Spirit is peace. So much of God’s Truine nature is peace. So, where does confusion and chaos come from? God revealed through the prophet Isaiah the He is the Lord “who makes peace and creates darkness” indicating He is Lord over good and evil. Yet, He Himself is not of evil, but sovereignly uses evil for good. And, all evil will be dealt with soon enough…


During my times in the visible church, oh how confused I was. So much disorder, and chaos. Most of all, there was no peace. As in, enduring peace that lasted.

The only “peace” I experienced was blissful emotional sensations coming from the music, sermons, and so forth. Then, soon enough the feelings would pass.

None of the sermons had any substance that brought lasting fruit. Simply, they were “left overs” thrown out. And even the zealous passionate speakers never brought the Gospel to the table. Leaving me starved of peace…

The Simplicity Of The Gospel

In Pastor Pam’s video, she goes on to explain just how simple the Gospel is. She also exposes that confusion is of the Devil.

And that was my problem: I never knew the simple, pure, Gospel of peace. Which, is an essential part of the full armor of God. And without the Gospel strapped on your feet, you will walk unstable. In no way do you stumble—for the peace that a born-again Christian receives they KEEP FOREVER.

Fruit Of Peace

I remember when I became born again, after being counseled for four days. The peace I received was indescribable.

I can only say, that the peace that comes from Christ is such a wholesome substance. Pure, eternal, powerful, and simple. This peace finally was sort of that “at last” or “alas” moment. That moment when you can finally rest.

Everyday of my life attending the visible church, I never knew this peace…

Searching For Peace?

Many people in a un-peaceful world search for peace. Yet, the Devil steals them from finding it, because they “jump the gun” and think peace is something you can choose. The real peace from God, is a gift according to His “surprise.”

Too many, have made their own gifts and are left without peace by trying to save themselves by believing in counterfeit gospels. If you are looking for peace, you finally come to the right place! Check us out, to know what true peace is.

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