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The Lord Will Sustain You

Who do you go to in times of trouble? Who do you turn to with problems that are out of man’s control? When you have overwhelming burdens- you are to cast them upon the Lord and the Lord will sustain you.

My Burdens

A long story, but let’s just say my apartment was a “last minute” grab in the midst of a pandemic. My job as well, both things that I needed and were not easily available within my limits.

My apartment, was ghetto and I do not use that word often. The building smelt like urine, mice and roaches roamed the floors and bats flew among the ceiling. Crazy mentally ill men walked around the building, mask-less. Nicki Minaj and Lil Jon blasted throughout the building. The neighbors above me fought so loud my room would shake and tremble. While the neighbors next me, smoked cigarettes that stunk up my room due to the worn-down walls. Soon enough, the ceiling above my bathroom would collapse disabling me from showering for months.

My job, well let’s just say we got a rough crowd. Working in hotels is normally and regularly stressful, but in the midst of a pandemic it’s awful. Especially because this company I worked for is cheap. They would not hire anyone, leaving people overwhelmed with the responsibilities of other departments. I became the security guard, mandating mask wearing, and social restrictions. I received threats, mockery, and insults on a regular basis.

After months, this will grow on you. Not getting any sleep from your ghetto apartment and having all your energy drained from your consuming job. The stress was wearing me down, yet the Lord would soon reveal, “The Lord will sustain you.”

The Deliverance

It amazes me how the Lord sustained me through all of this. Giving me supernatural long-suffering which enabled me to do my job well, not leaving a trace of self-suffering to those I checked in. The times I struggled is when I tried to persevere in my own strength.

The night of March 15th came, I had not slept well for days. I needed sleep but my neighbors above me were blasting their music and fighting. Keeping me up all night.

My mind was racing with all these thoughts, with everything going on. And I went to the Father in prayer and thanked Him for my salvation in Christ. I threw ALL my burdens upon His Throne in Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s name. I just gave them to Him, and asked for wisdom.

What amazed me, is that He graciously received them. In a way, I had a moment were with God deeply revealed to me, “I care for you because you are in Christ.”

Instead of trying to catch up on sleep, the following morning March 16th the Lord woke me up (using my noisy neighbors) to sustain me! I got two job offers, my property manager got me a new apartment—all in hours that I normally sleep. Both of which are a complete upgrade from what I have now. The Lord delivered me all within hours! So yes, when you cast your burdens upon the Lord, the Lord will sustain you!

Burdens Not Being Lifted?

When I had a false conversion, or when I thought I was born again I had no relief from my burdens, especially my spiritual ones. My burdens and stress always remained because I was not in Christ in the spirit. So, at that time all things just could not work together for good.

Now, being in Christ in truth and spirit, I see how all things God uses for your benefit and good. To teach you, equip you, and to bring thanks. That is why the Apostle Paul said, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard you hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Come to our ministry you who are weary, whether you are dealing with demons, in poverty, have an occult background, does not matter, if you are chosen for salvation, Jesus will give rest for your souls. The Lord will sustain you.

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