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The Reason For Counseling

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King Solomon, next to Christ, was the wisest man who ever lived. In the Proverbs he wrote by the Spirit, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisors there is deliverance,” and, “Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war” (Pro. 15:22, 20:18). This is the reason for counseling: success.

In our day and age deliverance is not as simple as it seems in the Gospels. Only one person who had demons cast out of her, remained an active follower of Christ, Mary Magdalene. All other accounts of demonic deliverance we don’t hear of them more in the Scriptures. Of course, they may not have needed to be mentioned, but regardless this is to tell us something.

The reason why deliverance is more complicated now, is because of the highly unusual amount of demonic activity in the world. There simply is too much occult, religious, and spiritual deception at work that makes casting out demons potentially futile if all the grounds of Satan are not exposed and taken back and recovered by the captive soul.

Many people, like those in the Gospel, simply want to be “free” from the grip of demons but they ultimately ignore what true freedom is, namely Christ. Their vision of freedom is only to the extent of their bondage being broken, but not seeing that further down the line of freedom is the ultimate deliverance of being born-again in Christ and becoming an heir of salvation.

This is why at our ministry, we do not simply “cast out demons.” Although we have the authority to do so, we are more centered on Christ and desiring that you experience the ultimate freedom of being born-again. This entire concept does require counsel.

Counsel is in essence “guidance.” Guidance is for one who is “lost” and confused and needs to find the right way. This is what our ministry achieves, and why there is a success of long-term freedom for those who comply. Because if one does not receive counsel, even after being delivered, as Solomon says, “their plans will fail.” The plans will fail because they don’t have the resources provided by advisors to keep them in step on the right path. This is why an abundance of advisors there is deliverance, because plans are achieved and succeed. The “failure” or “fall” that could have happen is absent, and the person is able to walk in freedom and succeed, the reason for counseling.

Spiritual warfare cannot be achieved without wisdom and that wisdom comes from the wise and counselors. Since counselors are able to give “wise guidance” in order for you to “wage war.” You cannot wage war with Satan, the Deceiver of the entire Earth, if you don’t have wise guidance given by someone with experience and skilled in righteousness. What’s horrible to see is someone think they can do it all without counsel, and then become “devoured” by the adversary lion that Satan is because simply the person was not “sober” in mind, and they forgot the reason for counseling.

Sober mindedness is achieved by heeding to the warning of others, and remember the reason for counseling. Warning comes from one who is skilled in counsel, and has wise guidance. You see where this goes? Either be sober and listen and receive counsel and achieve; or be not-alert and hard-hearted and ignore counsel and thus fail…..

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