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The Spirit Of Moses: Come Out, Separate!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021


The Spiritual Exodus

Moses lives with the Exodus Internet Church. “Lives” as in his ministry. Just as Moses recieved a flaming bush from God, so did Pamela Sheppard—the Pastor, Apostle and Prophet of Exodus Internet Church. And just as Moses received a rod to lead his people, so too it has been passed-on to Pamela Sheppard to lead God’s people.

The Flaming Bush

In similar contrast, 38 years ago this very week of October; Pastor Pamela Sheppard heard her “flaming bush” in her hotel room during a Kenneth Copland charismatic convention in Atlanta.

A loud voice that sounded like roars of thunder, trumpets, and power—uttered, “Come out, separate!” over and over again. The voice brought Pastor Pam to her knees...

She did not understand the message at that time, just as Moses did not understand he was standing on holy ground.

The Last Days Connection

When Jesus was at the Mountain of Transfiguration something deep was revealed to us. “Transfigured” is “metamorphoo” in Greek. Yes, just as caterpillars undergo “metamorphosis” Jesus revealed to His disciples in a glimpse that He will undergo a physical metamorphism. That His body will die, and then be raised and transformed into immortal physical life.

But, Jesus was not the only one there. Elijah and Moses were there as well.

What Jesus is revealing is that just as Elijah and Moses appeared before His resurrection—so too in the last days, the era before the “metamorphosis” of the dead bodies of the saints, there will be a ministry of the liking of Moses and Elijah.

The Two Prophets

Two prophets will arise before this second coming of Jesus. Both have a ministry. These two prophets connect us back to the Mount of Transfiguration. Our church is like the ministry of Moses in Exodus en route to the return of Christ.

Two prophets in the figures of Elijah and Moses will witness for about 3 and a half years in Jerusalem. They will have powers to shut heaven, perform miracles, command plagues, a similar contrast to the signs that God demonstrated in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Their bodies will lie dead in the “great city” where also our Lord Jesus was crucified. They will be resurrected, their bodies undergo “metamorphosis” by the breath of God and they then ascend into heaven. And shortly after this, the Lord will appear and “the kingdoms of the world will belong to Jesus.”

The Ministry Of Moses—One Of Exodus

“Exodus” means “a mass departure of people.”

The message of the flaming bush of our current Moses-like ministry is “Come out, separate!”

While the two prophets are not physically here yet, the message of Moses lives and his ministry is alive today: the ministry of delivering God’s people from idolatry and oppression.

The way to freedom from spiritual idolatry and oppression is to LEAVE. These days we are not held against our wills. We must will for freedom and to leave behind “the glory of Egypt.” Leave behind religion and the occult. But, you need a church with the Moses framework centered on Christ’s Kingdom as “the promised land.” Otherwise, you will be lost in the wilderness!

Come, join EIC and cross the waters that God is parting for you. Don‘t settle for Egypt’s worldly offers than cannot save the soul! Come out! Separate!

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