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The Supernatural Side Of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is a belief that we have not lived once, but many lives. This belief and it’s interpretations run deep in the Eastern world. Some cultures will not even kill a fly because it could be the life of their dead grandpa. Many believe in reincarnation because of the supernatural side of reincarnation.

The Supernatural Side?

There are countless stories of people, specifically children who recall events of dead people they no nothing about. This is when the supernatural side of reincarnation comes to play.

Many parents have reported their children as Buddhist monks “reborn.” The reason they believe this is that these children speak memories, facts and teachings of these monks from hundreds of years ago. What is reported is that these manifestations only occur from age two to four, and then fade.

Now, these children will often report memories, feelings of things about what these monks experienced. Not only, some of them are brought to old destroyed temples of where these monks meditated. The children are fully able to recall what the temple was like, and what the monk taught and practiced.

What Is Really Happening?

What is really happening with the supernatural side of reincarnation? Well, to begin, we must understand that reincarnation, despite the supernatural happenings is a false doctrine. I will show you why, for I use to believe in it.

In my early childhood I would constantly have “deja vu” and had an irrational fear of chickens. Literal nightmares of them. According to the new age these are “signs” of a past life…

I believed my past life was Tupac Shakur in my late teen years. Save the laughs for later… but I was serious! Why did I fall for this? Well, Tupac died on Friday September 13th, 1996. I was born the following Sunday, September 15th, 1996. Not only, him and my birth-father had the same exact birthday, June 16th, 1971. Tupac was a Gemini, I am a rising Gemini. So on, so forth. I took all these truths and made an assumption that “because” of these truths, the “truth” must be he is my past life…

Once I believed this, I felt a supernatural connection to Tupac. So much so, I got his name tattooed on my neck.

The Supernatural Set Up

One thing, if you take away anything from this article is this: EVIL SPIRITS CAN IMITATE ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY HUMANS DEAD OR ALIVE. See the book, “Face The Devil!” For more about how evil spirits operate.

So, that connection I had to Tupac and all the similarities was an evil spirit. The spirit would put the same ideas, feelings, and experiences Tupac had in his life into my mind. Me believing this allowed the spirit more access into my life and mind. The same thing goes for everyone, child or adult who recalls facts and experiences of the lives of any dead person. It’s not the dead person, but an imposter spirit.

How do the spirits have this ability? Evil spirits have supernatural intelligence and record everything we do. So, the children that recall the lives of dead monks are evil spirits who knew those monks closely, and then place information about them supernaturally in the child’s mind. Unfortunately, children and most parents are not spiritually discerned and go along with the supernatural side of reincarnation.

We Got One Life To Live

One of the most important truth in regards to all of this is: “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many,” (Hebrews (9:27).

What all people who believe in reincarnation must realize is your body, soul and spirit is personally YOURS. And, when you die it will still be YOURS. And, when judgment comes Jesus Christ of Nazareth will raise YOUR body and judge you for what YOUR soul has done in it! Not only, but if reincarnation was true, NONE OF US WOULD BE BORN-AGAIN AND CHRIST WOULD HAVE DIED IN VAIN.

True rebirth is not about past lives, no, it’s about your spirit meeting the Cross of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and believing in His Resurrection. Everything else is counterfeit.

Believing in reincarnation can lead us into spiritual bondage. For, it opens us up to imitating spirits who want to demonize us, deceive us and deceive others.

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