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The Tribulation and the Coronavirus


Practicing Social Distancing

At the beginning of 2020, I had never even heard the the term “social distancing.” Yet looking back, it seems that I was subconsciously practicing social distancing in preparation  for what was to almost immediately transpire within a few  weeks. In Christian circles, we call this “led of the Spirit.” When we walk by faith, the Holy Spirit will order our steps by guiding  us into all truth, even in those areas where the facts are unknown to us. 

 By example, a  social person by nature, I found it unusual that I was becoming uncomfortably checked in my spirit by  what seemed totally out of character for me. My normal comfort zone has continued to embrace   regular weekend in-house vistations. In fact, my home has a kind of “nestling quality to it” where visitors arrive in the afternoon  and enjoy staying until after midnight!  Nevertheless, I was a bit troubled in my spirit, feeling like I really wanted to be alone.  In fact,  I found myself   arranging that  regular visitors settle in the back of the house, while I remained in the front, several feet away. I now realize the  spiritual truth—  I was actually unknowingly  practicing  social distancing a few weeks  BEFORE I was aware of Covid-19. 

Then in early March of 2020, as I was in the final stages of finishing the book “The Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About,” it was  noticed during the editing process  that I was mispelling the Covid-19  plague based on the sound of it, and writing CARonavirus.  Eventually I was “corrected” and I edited the book’s typos   accordingly to  the correct spelling, CORona. Yet it is important to note  that  both God and evil spirits  pay unwavering  attention to all things in my life,  including my typos.

Just a few days after the book’s publication, I dreamed that  I was driving  in my car on a one way highway with my daughter, chatting  and smiling as we usually do when we are sharing a ride together.  The only difference from reality is that my daughter is usually driving, as she has the better car while  I drive a rusted out 2003 PT Cruiser.  Anyway, while driving in the dream, suddenly a dark  gray “kiddy car” came out of no where and was about to hit us head on.  

There was no driver behind the wheel of this “thing” Also, the gray headlights covered by darkness, could only be seen about six feet away, because the size of the car hindered visibility.  Before my instincts to swerve rose up, the little gray car suddenly swerved to the left which was my right.  As it disappeared, and I woke up, the interpretation popped up in my mind, reminding me of  my book’s typos.  THE LITTLE GRAY CAR WAS CARONAVIRUS.  The message?  The plague shall “pass you  by, Pam.” 

Was this dream from God or the Devil?  

At this point, I am still trying the spirits as I do not know yet for sure. It could be either one. 

So in spite of the positive message within that CAR dream,  I have  continued to seriously practice social distancing.  In fact, only my daughter and my son-in law come in briefly, to deliver my groceries  or fix things around the house and on those infrequent occasions,   we remain 6 feet away from each other.   I do not allow anyone else through my front door. A friend who is like a daughter to me works in an outpatient clinic.  I was shocked to learn  yesterday that  several of the staff who surround her tested positive for Coronavirus, but  she tested negative. 

This wonderful news is certainly  in keeping with the message of the recent dream. Nevertheless, I will continue to maintain social distance from her.  Why?  Because the dream could have been a trap, a demonic setup, to cause me to drop my guard, and the day I let her in, unknown to herself, was the day she  picked up the virus and passes it on to me. 

Hello!!!!  Covid 19 is as serious as cancer!!! I am well aware that  the devil wants to take me out before my time.  Vigilance requires that I continue social distancing and not let up— not one inch! 

So take my advice and you continue to do the same.  The Lord Jesus Christ is returning very soon.  If you die now, your body  won’t have long to be in the grave.  Yet if you can live, what a thrill to be alive on earth when He comes!!!! 

A Question From "The Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About

The wheat and the tares are undistinguishable in as both the works of God and the works of the devil stand side by side  in the world and in the organized church. Yet the Almighty knows His own. With this comforting thought in mind, is there anything that we should do in the natural to prepare for upcoming environmental disasters that cannot be denied in the prophetic words of God?”


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