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The Writing on the Wall: A Vision in the Fire

With each passing day, the world sinks deeper into the spiritual deceitfulness of the end-times. Wisdom becomes increasingly necessary to navigate the deceitful church age of Laodicea. Otherwise known as ‘eleventh hour,’ it is defined by a time of chronic, rampant idolatry. Christians have partaken to corrupt doctrines of the Enemy’s design as they attempt to enroot their faith in the material world.

Popular teachings such as the Prosperity Gospel, ‘I accept Jesus’ movement, ‘falling slain in the spirit,’ and speaking tongues are just some of the ways that the Enemy has successfully managed to infiltrate the institutional church system. It’s on the same level of corruption and toxicity as today’s worldly institutions.

People walk without realizing that the ascension of the Antichrist is near and the time of the Lord is at hand. Watch the embedded video above for insight into how to obtain god-given wisdom. Use the newfound knowledge for interpreting the cataclysmic, current events that correlate to those described in the biblical book of Daniel and Revelation. Learn how not to be caught unaware by the Lord’s subsequent return. Recall, He will turn to many Christians and declare at the gates of Heaven, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” (Matthew 7:23).

In a well-delivered, timely sermon, Pastor Pam compares the majority of today’s individuals similar to the Babylonians chronicled in Daniel 5, who were unaware of their spiritual impropriety. King Belshazzar brought holy gold and silver goblets from Jerusalem’s temple for wine-drinking during a royal feast. At which, those present had praised gods of the material. Suddenly, a hand of human fingers appeared and wrote a message on the wall. Yet, no one had the wisdom nor discernment to understand the message sent by the Lord.

More than two millennia afterward, God is writing a message through the unprecedented developments occurring across the Earth. No one can discern their figurative meanings as to how they exactly correlate to the broad scope of God’s plan. However, it’s still important to remain as alert and prepared as possible to survive the daunting times ahead. No matter how seemingly peaceful, the Lord’s return still draws closer every day.

Two weeks ago, a mysterious photograph was taken of a burning building. Various shades of the bright flames: a light amber; medium orange; and dark red-orange. They coalesced into several images that are relevant to ongoing headlines in the media. The contents are also disclosed within the video, specifically with am interpretation crafted through Pastor Pam’s experience of walking with the Lord for more than forty years.

During the video recording, she steps into a role akin of the prophet Daniel, deciphering the vision in the fire for all ears willing to hear. Two members of ‘the unholy trinity’ are named for everyone to know. The date which reveals the antichrist’s identity is provided, at least forty days away.

After Pastor Pam’s sermon, the following discussion provides information about how the Enemy has successfully infiltrated the institutional church by a lack of knowledge. The members of Pam Sheppard Ministries testify how humbling themselves provided them with newfound clarity. Someone must be willing to start from scratch if they truly yearn for godly wisdom.

They also provide relatable testimony of having to walk the delicate line between the Lord’s truth and the Enemy’s realm. Learn how obtaining wisdom edifies the soul to look beyond one’s fleshly desires to escape the devil’s temptations. The only one stopping you from receiving a potentially life-changing message about acquiring godly wisdom is you.

This is a call to wake up during the time of the eleventh hour. Christians must be wise, and we have to be open to partake in new ideas. Many times religious individuals have a “stiff-neck” which causes a narrow, funnel vision and a closed-minded, “zero debate” mentality that disregards any possibility of truth or revelation from God. If you want to be wise in these times, you have to be “open to reason.” Open to the fact that you might not have a clue who God is, and what He wants from us or wants us to know. For one-on-one counseling to address how you may acquire wisdom and discernment for your spiritual development, Pastor Pam is available by phone call, toll-free at 888-818–1117.

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