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Their Knowledge Of The Foe

“…Some, however, discover that their bitter experience may be turned into light for the Church in its fight with sin and Satan, and as those who have been in the camp of the enemy and heard all his secrets, they become a terror to the forces of evil on their emergence to liberty, with the result that they are assailed with intensified malignity on account of their knowledge of the foe” (Jesse Penn-Lewis, War On The Saints).

A Terror To Evil

Pamela Sheppard is both a pastor and author. She was snatched out of the enemy’s camp by the Hand of the Lord four decades ago, and made born-again by the Holy Ghost. Much in a Moses-like figure, she has inspired a ministry to help deliver the people of God from the hands of the Devil.

Pamela was snatched out of the occult, then made born-again. Three years in the direct field of darkness, and then was supernaturally led into the indirect field of darkness. That is the religious buildings, or what people today call “church.” Despite all the trials of nearly 25 years in the religious camp and then led out of it, it has equipped her to be a terror of the forces of evil. Since, now it has advanced her with knowledge of both sides of the Devil’s darkness: the occult and religion.

With such vast experiences, she is a “living encyclopedia” of deliverance and knowledge of the foe. And, she has shared this knowledge with her ministry. Not only, being a ministerial deliverance counselor she has gained knowledge from thousands of torment and bound Christians over the years. Simply by listening to their experiences.

We Know The Plots

How can you defend against an enemy if you do not 1) know how he attacks and 2) if you have no experience of his attacks?

Most of our ministry workers have been through the occult and slaughters of Satan. Not only, but almost all of us have been through an avenue of religion. We all have been deep in the enemy’s camp. And, not just “one field” of it, but many different sides. All of which, combined create a formidable defense and attack against Satan’s works.

I Was Defeated

In both my life in the occult and religion, I was a defeated person. There was always a chain linked to my ankle. At different points in my life the chain would be “loose” or “tight” but…there was still a chain…

I had left the occult after going way too deep into it for too long. Eventually, I needed help, deliverance and freedom. But, going to the church I did not find that, in all the different ones I went to. Messianic, Methodist, Charismatic, Non-Denominational, evangelical street preachers, “land and sea” to find deliverance but, to no avail.

Some of these places talked about spiritual warfare, but not to a fruitful effect. I “learned and learned” and practiced but, no liberation. As much “power” these so called Christians had, it was superficial and not true liberating power promised from the Spirit of Truth.

My condition grew worse, and worse only until I arrived at Pam Sheppard Ministries did I receive ever lasting results, because of their knowledge of the foe.


When I arrived to Pam Sheppard Ministries I felt understood. To say, they had the knowledge and experience to understand where I was. Once I realized that the reason for my defeat was because I had a false salvation experience, things changed.

Once I discovered the truth, and learned about deception, I became free. A literal invisible scale-like peeling was uncovering off my face as I read “Church of the Endtime Zombies.” Soon enough, I would receive an unforgettable salvation that would allow me to STAND IN CHRIST.

From there, I no longer felt ashamed of my occult past, and religious vanity. All the sins were cleansed in the Blood of Jesus and the power of His Resurrection released me from the bondage of my sinful condition. Since, I finally was given faith in His Resurrection and I no longer laid helplessly in my sins (see 1 Cor. 15:12-19).

I can now stand in a position with Pam Sheppard Ministries and their knowledge of the foe, and confidently say that I am not ignorant of the Devil’s devices. Ignorance is to be unaware and without true knowledge. That’s not me anymore!

The Enemy Steals

Satan usually steals people away from reaching the ministry by tainting the people of God. When I first came to the ministry, I received all kinds of “suspicions” about the ministry. Which, I endured through somewhat knowing it to be of the Devil. I reasoned, “Why is it with these people I am finally starting to feel free and delivered from demons? And now, all of the sudden there’s “something wrong” with them?”

Thanks be to God, that He gave me faith that did not fail me. BECAUSE I AM NOW GROWING INTO MORE AND MORE FREEDOM EVERYDAY WITH THEM AND THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOE! And I was revealed the truth that they are of God within four days, because I became born-again.

Look, Satan knows us and our ministry and how we expose his schemes. Think, does a dictator reveal his mind and thoughts about an attack to his national enemy? And, what would this dictator do if his devices and plans were exposed? Would not, an evil dictator do everything in his power in order to destroy their knowledge of the foe from spreading? Yes, yes he would…

THEREFORE, if you have an ear, let them hear! We are HERE to help you and minister to your very needs.

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