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Understanding the Spirit

Deliverance Counseling: Ruling Your Own Spirit!

King Solomon wrote a very interesting proverb, actually, a mere sentence in the 16th chapter and the 32nd verse: HE THAT RULETH HIS SPIRIT IS BETTER THAN HE THAT TAKETH A CITY.”

When I consider what would be involved in taking a city in Solomon’s lifetime, this small line within the overall text suggests to me that Solomon’s analogy was meant to imply that “ruling one’s spirit is a hard thing to do.”

In order to rule ANYTHING, we need to know “what it is and how it functions.” Off of the top of your head, what do YOU know about the spirit? Thinking right along with you, the first thought that comes to my own mind is that the words of the Lord Jesus is the place to start. He said that out spirits MUST be “born again.”

Once that task has been accomplished in our own lives by the cross and by His resurrection, Jesus points us to the Holy Ghost. When we are born again, the Holy Ghost enters into our spirits, lives there eternally and we become “the temple of God.” At some time in the near future, the Holy Ghost that is IN us will respond to the Lord’s shout, and as the Holy Ghost raised Jesus from the dead, the Holy Ghost will raise us from the dead, Glory Be to God!!!

Yet, back to Solomon, how do we rule our spirits? The first thing I believe we should remember is that when Solomon wrote what is known as “the Book of Proverbs,” he did not know about the born again experience. So within Solomon’s frame of reference, ruling the unregenerate spirit was certainly “a hard thing.”

For those of us who have been saved, we can look to the letters of Paul, John, Peter and James for some clues. For example, Paul taught that the spirit and the soul are wrapped together very tightly,—so tightly that it is only by the word of God that we can divide or separate the spirit from the soul. Did Paul mean “the bible?” I don’t believe so for one simple reason. The bible was not published until several centuries later, under the regime of King James. Our next clue is with John.

John writes that JESUS IS THE WORD MADE FLESH. So the word is Jesus Himself.

So how do we who are born again RULE our spirits? Let’s go back to Paul. Paul laid out a few steps, shared with the Roman Christians in the 8th chapter, outlined briefly in this order:

1. mind the things of the spirit Deliverance counseling restores and renews the mind by focusing on exposing deception so that truth can be revealed.

2. mortify the deeds of the flesh. Deliverance counseling identifies the deeds of the flesh for each of our seekers of deliverance and rebirth. For all personalities are different.

3. Be led by the Spirit of God. Deliverance counseling prepares the way for each seeker to experience his or her own revelations, as the Holy Spirit leads. First and foremost, overturning a false conversion.

Furthermore, to the Galatians, Paul reflected on the battle that goes on in us between our spirits and our souls. In deliverance counseling, seekers learn how to fight in the spirit through facing the truth about the seeker’s soul.

In addition, to the Galatians, Paul amplifies on the 3 points he made to the Romans. We are to crucify the flesh with the affections and lusts and if we do so, we will “LIVE” in the spirit and “WALK” in the spirit. This is the work deliverance counseling in all its forms: one on one, group, mentoring, fellowship, training: everything we do is to prepare all seekers to live and walk in the spirit.

This ministry’s foundation in Christ is that the ability to rule our spirits is overwhelmingly connected to the quality of our relationship with the Holy Ghost. THE WORD HIMSELF, Jesus the Christ taught us that He had to leave this earth so that the Holy Ghost could come “into us.” If Jesus didn’t leave, the Holy Ghost would not have come. Simply put, if we grieve or quench the Holy Ghost, we will have no rule over our spirits. And even though we may be born again, the enemy will have enough access to us to keep us from ruling our spirits.

Like Solomon implied, having rule over our own spirit can be as hard as TAKING A CITY,” even if we are born again. Surely, Solomon knew that having WISDOM is the key to ruling our spirits. The Holy Ghost, the source of ALL wisdom, has ALL of the answers that you and I need, to rule our own spirits.

With each individual, group or training session, deliverance counseling helps seekers to rule their spirits by focusing on the mandate of the Holy Spirit, which is how to discern good from evil. Jesus made things very simple. He said “look to the tree. If the tree is evil, then the fruit will be evil.”

Our problem today is that the trees are so ornate and “decorated” that it is hard to recognize an evil tree throughout various camouflaged systems. Recently, one of my mentees had a dream that she saw a gorgeous tree, that from a distance looked as if it were baring equally beautiful fruit. However, when she got up close, the fruit were ugly looking mushrooms.

That’s it, Beloved. In this crucial time in history, we have to have 20/20 spiritual vision! Deliverance counseling aims to improve your spiritual vision! We are living in the age of Laodicea, an age of rampant spiritual blindness and religious counterfeits. NONE OF US ARE EXEMPT. Deliverance counseling will progressively prepare you to “discern good from evil” in your life and know how to death with both.

So to all seekers who desire to rule their own spirit, if you express yourself well by writing, you can certainly send PSM an email to Also call 888-818-1117

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