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Walking in Spiritual Darkness: Are You Woke?

Right now, Are you Spiritually Woke?

Today, the majority of the Lord’s Elect tread within a world of spiritual darkness. Walking eyes half-closed, religion darkens countless people’s spiritual sight causing these individuals to “miss the mark.” Understand, the main goal of a person of Christ is waiting on the Holy Spirit to bring a true, enduring rebirth. However, the Devil uses religion to blindfold people into believing that salvation rests in the hands of the sinner. Although that is like trying to hit a target in the dark without a bow, it’s absolutely impossible for a mortal sinner to change their alienated, spiritual nature. Nevertheless, the devil has convinced numerous people to try to complete this completely unnecessary, problematic, task of self-driven salvation. It’s all a scheme known as a false conversion or a counterfeit birth. These days, the majority of the Elect find themselves aimlessly wandering through this spiritual darkness. Yet, the institutional church fails to emit any guiding light. Most people are caught ignorantly unaware in the dark. Are you spiritually aware? In other words, are you spiritually woke?

We Cannot Guide Ourselves to Salvation:

Those who experience a false conversion are like vulnerable prey inside of the Enemy’s teeth, except they’re caught ignorantly unaware. During the deceiving Church Age of Laodicea, people are religiously taught not to wait on the process of rebirth but to simply decide to be saved. Thereby, they wait on a trip to Heaven without necessarily receiving the ticket granted by waiting upon God’s spiritual rebirth. In a recent conversation, a friend of mine asked what my resolution for this year is. So, I replied that my resolution is to prepare for the Lord’s Return. Believers need to understand that we are not simply entitled to salvation. God has to cause a believer to become born again. We are spiritually lost in the dark, so we need to be found. The first step to becoming ‘woke’ is gaining knowledge, renouncing your false conversion, and waiting on the Holy Spirit for true salvation. He’ll act as our light and guide during this era of darkness, and He’ll help ensure that we’ll see past the Enemy’s devices.

The First Step into Becoming ‘Woke’:

God told Noah to prepare his people for the coming of the flood and yet the religious mindset of people who lost their lives to flood didn’t take note of the times. Only 8 people survived. God told Joseph to prepare for famine and he did. Yet, numerous people took no heed. God is telling his people to hear the full Gospel or the entire story of Jesus and to wait on a rebirth yet they will remain “religious,” because they will not take notes of the times. This ministry that Pastor Pam has crafted by the Holy Spirit is designed to help people develop a prepared mind. A prepared mind means stripping away any and all religious lies. A prepared mindset is knowing that Jesus is coming to Return to overturn all systems and bring Truth, love, balance, and order back to Earth. No other person, not anyone else, but the Lord has such power. Are you ready to have a prepared mind? Are you ready to be found?

The Urgency to be Spiritually ‘Woke’ is Scriptural:

“Understand this: If a homeowner knew exactly when a burglar was coming, he would keep watch and not permit his house to be broken into. You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.” (Matthew 24:43-44).

Most Importantly, Know your Enemy:

While waiting on the Lord, you may continue to prepare yourself by becoming spiritually woke. Pam Sheppard Ministries has countless books illustrating the strategies of the Enemy. They range from false conversions to occultic healing. His ultimate goal is to open demonic doorways for him to gain access to your soul. So, he can manipulate you with mystical phenomena. His endgame is to allure his victims into a trap by following his supernatural breadcrumbs. Dreams are one of his favored devices because he custom-make tempting devices particularly for you. A soul attracted to the supernatural might receive precise, accurate visions of the future. Meanwhile, someone else more romantical in nature might receive a dream about a possible partner in their midst. Both cases could’ve easily come from the devil. Yet, these individuals might automatically give credit to the Lord by mistake. Learn to protect yourself from the Enemy’s seductive schemes. You will need to develop a discerning eye while living in a time of spiritual darkness. So, walk insightfully with your eyes wide open. Be woke!

Beware, Be woke…! Some Dreams Are Nothing But Schemes:

We are dedicated to aiding others to test the spirits by helping discern whether dreams, visions, or prophecies are God-given or Enemy-stricken. For further reading, Pastor Pam has recently written a book specifically about dreams, “This book is your guide through deception, confusion and the imminent storms and dangers that surround and affect your life, as powerfully manifested in your dreams in the night.”  For your convenience, it is affordably priced and downloadable online. Click the image below for Amazon Kindle. 

A picture of a book - BEWARE Christians: DREAMS: Dreams Are From God, Satan, and Your own Soul

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