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What About Speaking in Tongues in Laodicea?

Religious Hypocrites Contend Over Tongues

Pam Sheppard Ministries has almost 500 videos on a YouTube channel of the same name.  As much as I like to comment, I really don’t have the time for it.  Yet this morning as I lay in my bed resting, a YouTuber  “”engaged me.”  I thought his comments were noteworthy for the following reasons: 1.religious hypocrites contend over tongues 2.  such contention is consistent  with the church age of Laodicea  3. In Laodicea, hypocrites will use tongues to persecute anyone of a different spiritual undestanding, similar to the  “fictional narratives” aka “fake news” embraced  today in American politics. 

Since the YouTuber  has the power to wipe out the entire commentary by simply deleting his original comment, i have chosen to memorialize the thread as it now stands. After all, I can’t waste 2 hours of God’s time. 

Do YOU Speak In Tongues? Ask God About it!!!

The video above was produced about a year ago.  On today— Sunday, 11/24/19 , I was laying in my bed, about to  watch  AM Joy on MSNBC, when  the following comment caught my eye:

This whole video is of the Devil and is contrived of you attempting to make a name for yourself apart from the truth of God. In this era, God is restoring to his church that which was lost in the dark ages due to men supplanting the power of God with the wisdom of men. Wake up, sister, go back to the cross, to your first love, and do the first works again before your end comes and you come up short before Almighty God.

 In spite of the condescending quality of this comment, I did not delete it  in order  to demonstrate how evil spirits operate in a religious person. The approach is to accuse and condemn, even to slander as opposed to focusing on the subject matter, which in this case, is tongues.   A religious evil spirit  tends not to debate on substance but rather, on flesh.  Simply put, the hypocrite will  digress, deflect, condemn and accuse.” 

So check what I have underlined in the Youtuber’s comment  above.  Ask yourself this question. Where in the bible does it say that God in this last church era,  would restore ANYTHING to the age of Laodicea? In fact, the bible warns that the conditions at the end of the age will “wax worse and worse” men deceiving and being deceived.(2 Timothy 3:13) and many children of God will be deceived, possibly destroyed, because of a lack of discernment, becoming unconscious vessels for the enemy to use in the DAY of his power. (Matthew 24:10). 

Unfortunately, we are not prepared for what is happening among this generation’s religious people. Whether in church or absent from Her, Satan is pulling out all  his last stops. Speaking in tongues is just one of various key practices the enemy is using to divide the church, and to draft God’s people into his own ranks.  Satan’s last stops also consist of  spirit rape,  hearing voices, intrusive blasphemous thoughts and horrifying visions to let religious folk know, that he is in control of them. 

Religious Fictional Narratives

We are in the age of THICK deception. It is   the Laocidean age where we believe we have it all and we know it all. In Laodicea, most nominal believers  naively  assume that various supernatural experiences are from God, yet in 1 John 4:1-5, we are advised to TRY THE SPIRITS TO DETERMINE WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD. Look at the words of Jesus to the Laodiceans when He warns that they are both blind and naked.  So consider another  logical,  simple question. Why would God restore tongues to a deceived, lukewarm  people? 

We  cannot just make an assumption that just because we  experienced tongues  in church, or because it “felt” good, or because it “appeared” to be good, that it was from God! Don’t you realize that one of the enemy’s greatest weapons is DECEPTION?! OPEN YOUR EYES, People!


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