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What Babes in Christ Ought to Know!

Born Again Online: Words of Wisdom for YOU!

Recently, God has moved in this ministry by causing members to be born again on Zoom, in their homes, in my home, anything but “church as usual.”It is the job of the pastor to nurture the sheep with godly wisdom via the word of God, to prepare them to escape the clutches of wolf.” Yet the problem to day is that many pastors are wolves in sheeps clothing that lead lambs into serious trouble. For example, when I got born again in 1977, I was sent to a man brhind the pulpit who was actually wolf. So everything I know has been gained from trial, tribulation and trouble, in my effort to overturn error in my quest for the truth. so let me share with you from my own born again experience that led to spiritual maturity over the last 44 years in Christ:

1.When saved online, do not go searching to find a church.

In 1979, I received 3 dreams that sent me to a particular pastor and I assumed those dreams were sent by God because they seemed “so holy.” Once I found this man and joined his church, it became clear that not only was he a closet homosexual, but he was also a witchcraft practitioner, skilled in the practice of Obeah. Be warned that this minister could really preach and bring forth a spirit of repentance that seemed genuine but it was not, for no one really repented in the church he pastored. Practically all were sinning so there was no capacity for his members to spiritually grow in Christ.

2. Avoid works of the flesh. Don’t whitewash sin.

As a babe in Christ, I did not know how to try the spirits. You won’t either. So if the Lord did call you to Himself from some church pew, then you are going to have to learn on your own about the works of the flesh. I am amazed at the people who have had a false conversion believing that it is “okay” to fornicate as long as they don’t penetrate. What a farcical deception! If I had a pastor who looked me in my face and declared “Pam, you are in sin,” I would have spiritually matured at a faster pace.

Now even though fornication was my major sin, I was not really quite that stupid to whitwash a work of the flesh. Where I lost ground was by church association. If I had been under the pastorate of a mature shepherd, I would not have compared my walk to that of his long time members. They fornicated with impunity so I thought to myself “they are prospering more than I am. They all own homes, drive expensive cars, but my life just does not compare to how blessed their lives seem to be.” So even though I stopped sinnng, I had a grievance with God in my heart, because from my vantage point, he was profusely blessing this sinful congregation while I was always a step away from poverty.

Which brings me to number three.

3. Never compare yourself with anyone else who claims to be a born again Christian.

In church in the early 80’s, ministers were after me like sex crazed, ravening wolves. In other words, I was prey for the hunt, especially when I entered into ministry myself in 1981. I stood strong for a while but I began to once again, compare myself to others, particularly church women. I began to covet what appeared to be a glorious life of a First Lady, a ministers wife. I lusted after having one of these “low-life” ministers for myself. As a pastor , I wanted a man’s spiritual covering. In other words, I desired to be just another “Adam’s Rib.” So I fell back into the sin of fornication.

Looking back, I see now that it was a major fall from grace that God used to prune me so that I could bear more fruit. When He picked me up from my fall in 1983, He said in an audible voice 3 powerful words to me: Come Out! Separate!!! Come Out! Separate! Come Out! Separate!!!!

I say the same thing to YOU!!! Come out! Separate! Especially if you the reader are a woman. You need to consider that it is quite possible that there is “No Adam’s Rib” for you. I married 3 times and looking back, I see clearly that God has other plans for me that do not include an exclusive partnership with anyone. For I perceive that God has called me to be a midwife for Christ, assisting the Holy Spirit in the birth of “new babes.”

There is more to come.

I am just “getting started.” this may develop into a new ebook.

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