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What Christian Former Psychics Need to Know!

By Pam Sheppard

This article echoes a common story among those in Christian ministry who were once dabbling or deeply entrenched in what is known today as “the New Age.” This common  story is a call to those who have walked this path by presenting you with a list of common signs and circumstances that if you don’t take heed, will scar and mar your spiritual life as a believer in Jesus Christ.  : The possible outcomes are  that you will think and act like you are born again but your rebirth is either false or pre-mature or that you are truly  born again but your spiritual fruit become seriously damaged. Then there are those who escaped New Age due to torment, ran into charismatic churches because what they teach and practice remind you of New Age.  You may have left the occult but your soul is still under its sway. 

Common Rationalizations

  1. God will not allow me to be deceived because I am born again.

  2.  I was ignorant and therefore God forgives me as I was deceived.

  3. I have had psychic abilities as a child and so I was born gifted by God. 

  4. I was into white magic, doing positive work including healing. God understands.

  5. My grandmother was a psychic so I have a generational curse. Not my fault.

  6. I don ‘t hear from the devil since I have been born again.

  7. My gift of knowing the future is God’s gift of prophecy. 

  8. Because I have gifts, God is called me to minister to others. 

Witchcraft as a Lust of the Flesh

Those whom the Lord saves who were accustomed to supernatural experiences like telekinesis, poltergeist, predictions, healing and the like are targets of evil spirits for the rest of their lives.

Here is the crux of the problem.

As a product of New Age occultism, Christians with psychic phenomena in their past remain ignorant of the deception of the mighty foe. So once born again, each of us has been assigned a religious/witchcraft spirit entity whose job is to seek every opportunity to buffet us with counterfeits of the gifts of the Holy Ghost that seem to be from God.. The assigned fallen angel or demon waits for an element of the flesh to manifest itself in the new believer, in order to gain his master’s end. The Apostle Paul calls that aspect of our flesh by the name of witchcraft. Like Simon the Sorcerer, we carry in our flesh a lust for the supernatural that the enemy works with. Since occultists are trained to expect the supernatural, hidden in our flesh remains the same desire AFTER we are saved.

How did I overcome? My story is in “Come Out of Her, God’s People.”

This book exposes the many dealings of the flesh—many trials, tribulations and The sin we occultists are born with is a predisposition to witchcraft and idolatry in our souls, which is a major part of what the bible refers to as “the flesh”. Until we actually crucify our flesh entirely, our struggle with New Age will go on and on. Overcoming is not accomplished in one mighty stroke. The Holy Spirit covered all bases, first dealing with my ambition for the 3 p’s of prestige, prominence and power. What helped me is that even when I was a sinner, I was a lover of the truth. So I became one who sought spiritual truth at all cost. Also, as Paul was assigned a religious evil spirit–a thorn in his flesh–to develop him, so was I. You have such a being assigned to YOU also.

I am an overcomer because the assigned religious fallen angel presented me with trials and temptations to overcome. From 1977-2003, —26 years–this entity was in the driver’s seat regarding charismatic manifestations due to the fact I was completely duped. Yet in 2003—, once I prayed “Lord, show me the darkness that is around me,”— all things continue to be exposed.

In every test, I had the choice of going down and being crushed by the spirit of the Antichrist or rising up in spirit with victory, fully empowered by the Holy Spirit. I ROSE UP!

If you are looking for freedom from New Age practices, PSM is here for you. Be warned that overcoming is not a quick fix as we have no magic wands to wave. In fact, its the sort of work that is not easy but its doable. if you are willing to humble yourself before the mighty hand of God, send an email to or call 888-818-1117 We are firm, strong, yet loving in the spirit of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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