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When Intercessory Prayer Is From the Devil!

Charismatic Witchcraft Intercession and Prayers

All The Lord ever asked us to do for the unsaved is preach. He never asked us to convict, convert or even to pray for someone’s soul to be saved. We are to pray for the well being of the elect, family and friends but only in a general sort of way. Why? Because prayers can be dangerous if they are out of God’s will. Intercession becomes dangerous when it descends into charismatic witchcraft intercession and prayers. Manipulation occurs when the one who prays seeks to control the lives of others. Soulish prayers of this kind energize human psychic power by projecting thought and words on to the persons prayed for, by saying that such and such a person ‘shall’ do this or that. Such prayers make demands upon God to “make something happen.” These prayers are answered by evil spirits.

According to Jessie Penn Lewis,

“Every prayer should be directed Godward, and should never be telling the Lord what to do for somebody else. We may pray that God will direct them what to do, but we ought not to say that they ‘must’ do what WE THINK is God’s will they should do, or even that they ‘shall not’ do what we know is wrong.”

Strange Manifestations

The Charismatics have taken intercession to a new level and meaning as they have in like manner distorted  most biblical doctrine and practices, from “name it and claim it,” “slain in the spirit, speaking in tongues, decree and declare, the prosperity gospel and countless other deceptive teachings and practices, “departing from the faith and giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.” (I Timothy 4:1-4) 

Though a denominational minister with an occult background, it is not surprising that I too would gravitate to charismatic doctrine and practices. Entering denominational  ministry in 1981 yet studying Kenneth Copeland, the late Kenneth Hagin and their other mega-ministry cohorts, a strange thing started happening to me. Travail would “come upon me” like a cold blanket. Totally unexpected and “out of the blue,”suddenly a strong power would come upon me and  I would  weep and wail. Most of the time I did not know who or what for. Kenneth Copeland and the late Kenneth Hagin  defined this strange phenomena as “intercession” for souls. 

 This out of character and strange manifestation certainly appeared quite  holy. When this “power” came upon me in public,  everyone got quiet. I recall that my flesh liked it because it made me LOOK holy. So self sacrificing. My eyes would close and not be able to be opened at times as my lids were swollen  from the tears. Dropped to my knees,  I also groaned and wailed loudly. 

A person rejected most of my life because of my strength, I suspect I relished these time  because it is hard for people to hate and reject you when you are as BEATEN Down, humbled before them as I was.  I believed that  this was a sort of “intercession” wherein  God used  me to  save souls, and  bring down principalities and powers in a struggle to set captives free from the enemy’s hands. Unable to bring this about myself, I clearly knew this manifestation came upon me and I assumed it was from God. 

Eventually it was revealed to me that  charismatic witchcraft intercession prayer produce manifestations  induced by the enemy.  I got a sign in 2004 that exposed it as “not to be of God.” Since I KNEW it wasn’t me, if  it was not God,  the only choice left was the devil.  For 20 years, this strange power came upon me on an average of once a month. Once I learned and received the truth, It has not happened again for almost 16 years. 

Something “similar” minus the weeping, wailing, and falling to the ground  tried to creep up on me  this summer. A religious evil spirit tried to  convince me that a woman I never met was being healed of cancer. I was skeptical and I remained in control. Without the former manifestations, I  got a “the feeling” reminiscent of those “charismatic days” 20 years ago. Rather than “give in” to it, I simply tested it by waiting  to see if this woman was healed. THE WOMAN DIED 2 WEEKS LATER!!!!


Scripturally speaking, intercessory prayer  is only mentioned 3 times in the entire bible and it’s method  is not explained:

  1. Romans 8: 34, Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.

  2. Isaiah 53:12 Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many,