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When Religion Cooperates With Evil Spirits

Witchcraft As A Lust of the Flesh for Sensory Manifestations

When I first communicated with evil spirits in 1974 , I did not know who they were because at the time, evil spirits pretended to be the spirits of the dead—people who I knew and loved who had died. For 3 years, fallen angels impersonating the dead loved ones tried to cause me to be religious, offering ‘Buddhism and Hinduism, since they knew how loathsome I found Christianity to be. A staunch atheist “who could not be moved by anyone. but Christ Himself” , I became born again in my livingroom on Monday, March 29, 1977 at 4pm in the state of New York.

However, three years before God “sent me His call” to my spirit, a form of mutual cooperation was established between me and the evil spirits —a connection that paved the way for physical, soulical and spiritual manifestations to occur. The bible descibes this predisposition as lusts of the flesh for sensory, supernatural manifestations referred to in the bible as both idolatry and witchcraft.

So I know the sensations of present day generational seekers. Its a feeling or energy of ascendence to super human power which uplifts an average human being into a magical realm of what appears to be ‘”the miraculous.” Case in point, I recall how elated I was when I saw my keys defy gravity, suspended in mid air for minutes, and then hurled to the ground as if an invisible person threw them down to me. Such a feeling of ascendency is akin to a “superman” kind of persona. Yet having lived in both the 20th and the 21st centuries, I have perceived a scriptural commonality and compatibility with all idolators: it is a lust for sensory manifestations also known as “mysticism.”

Those seeking “uniqueness” today have fallen prey to a spiritual addiction akin to mysticism or in every day language, to MAGIC! Yet what did not happen to me back in the early 70’s is propelling countless present-day seekers toward debilitating, tormenting manifestations around the world. In my case, the fallen angels pretended to be guardians, teachers and helpers. They claimed their goal was to train me to be a psychic superior to both Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce. Even though I did not know what a psychic was, the lust of my flesh liked the sound of “all things supernatural.”

Yet only once did these spirits threaten me and it was in a manner that an earthly parent attempts to scare a child “not to disobey.” So I was neither mentally, physically or spiritually tormented during my three years within the occult world. On the contrary, today’s vulnerable seekers upon entering into the supernatural, spiritual realm are are most immediately and often relentlessly attacked in spirit, soul and body.


Its because religion has armed the occult.

It seems that religion and the occult do have a strong connection perhaps because the major intent of evil spirits is to defy God by either imitating Him or blaspheming Him as the spirit of the antichrist. Since I had refused God and all that religion entails, it seems I was safe from torment.

So that you understand what being tormented in spirit, soul and body is like, take the case of Martina. Martina has a lust in her flesh for the occult which the bible calls “witchcraft.” So she joined a church where the pastor was teaching that everyone can see Jesus face to face. He even wrote a book on it, a man who has some significant worldwide notoriety within in the religious sector. So Martina was ever present in his church, where the pastor laid hands on her and she fell out more than once, slain in the spirit as well as she spoke in tongues.

Martina’s next communication with the spirit world began like this. She was sitting at her kitchen table when suddenly she heard beautiful angelic voices singing a refrain of “Holy Master, Holy Holy Master, Master.” She also heard a male voice say “My Holy Spirit is with you now!”

For a few weeks, Martina was loving the supernatural singing, hearing voices and such, until the pleasantness began to drastically change. The voices turned against her and changed the language to “I am Lucifer. You belong to ME!!!!”

What followed was indescribable torment, including out of body experiences, hearing voices 24/7 and nightmares. In Martina’s own words: “As soon as I fell asleep each night, I was taken out of body, I flew around the room, and I could feel my physical body being choked. I sensed that I was descending down to hell. I could hear multiple voices as they mockingly laughed at me.” As time went on, every day the voices commanded me to kill myself.”

This is merely a small taste of the religious torment that produced manifestations not only on Martina’s physical body, but also created an instability in her soul that led to the crisis intervention of the mental health system where she was diagnosed and prescribed medication. There is nothing mentally ill about Martina. She simply had supernatural manifestations that her mind could not handle at the time and caused a temporary dysfunctional mental health crisis.

Be advised that Martina never took drugs nor was she deeply involved in new age occultism as I was in 1974. What she has in her soul is the same thing that I have. Its a lust of the flesh that the bible calls “witchcraft” which was triggered by charismatic, mystical Christian religion.

If you find yourself in similar circumstances, reading a book can help. I have been informed that the book “The Church of the End time Zombies,” has actually set people free while they were reading it. I also recommend to you the Amazon Kindle book entitled “Face the Devil.”

To enter into deliverance counseling. send an email to or call 888-818-1117.

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