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Who Is thinking through YOUR Mind? Is it You?

Knowing Yourself is A Key to Lasting Deliverance and Freedom

Here is a  very simple example. 

You were at the gym and you ran into someone you used to bump into for years, always accompanied by her daughter, when you recall that you have not seen the young daughter  for quite sometime.  You are about to ask “how is your daughter” when a sort of pop-up thought enters your mind which is ” her daughter is dead. you don’t want to ask that question.”  Momentarily, you think “where did such a question come from—was it me, the devil or God”” —when “in walks the daughter.”  She is very much alive.

So right away, you know that the thought  did not emanated from  the Holy Spirit.  So you have two choices: was it you or was it the evil spirit assigned to you?.

  If you know yourself, you will be able to tell the difference.  If you don’t, then the evil spirit has obtained ground. If it were me, I don’t usually ask brief acquaintances any personal questions as I am not in to chit chat after a vigorous workout.   I smile, say “see you tomorrow’ , and “move on’ , so such a thought would not be mine.  

Therefore, I would have heard from the devil. 

In any case, most of the time, events don’t occur so quickly that you can immediately eliminate two or even  one of the  3 choices.  But if you “know yourself”, most of the time you will know if the thought originated from you.   If you are a person seeking the gifts of the spirit, if the daughter in this case was not with the mother, you may have assumed that the thought came from God, and that this woman’s daughter was actually deceased.  The way to try the spirits would be to simply enquire about the daughter and find out the truth.  Yet some are so deceived by thoughts sent to them by evil spirits  that they would not even attempt to try the spirits in this matter. 

 In such a case, the enemy knows you, better than you know yourself and he will cause you to believe that you heard from God.  

Your Normal Condition: Do You Remember It?

Some have been demonized for so long, that they don’t remember a normal condition.  In deliverance counseling, we will help you to define it.  once defined, we will help you to battle for victory.  Like any battle, there must be strategy.  Even though the adversary will try his best to retain the ground that he has won, PSM deliverance counselors are armed with divine counter strategies, the first one being to help you know yourself, the enemy and God.  

So contact PSM for help.  To set up your first appointment, call 888-818-1117 or send an email to 

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