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Why Demonic Attacks Occur

When attacks from evil spirits occur, we MUST know WHY they have come. If we have not a clue, then we need to ask God in prayer to reveal the cause. It is important that we fight back with the correct weapons. As we continue to gain victories over deceiving and lying spirits, our strength of spirit will grow stronger.

Using myself as an example, I have been associated with deliverance ministry since 1983. It is my recollection that I was often attacked until I ingested a major mouthful of truth in 2004. In that particular year and for the next 17 years, personal attacks from evil spirits have significantly and noticeably diminished. In fact, I am usually at peace. Then came a dream I had early this very morning, March 9, 2021.

To put the cause of the dream into perspective, i should mention that I posted a selfie on Facebook taken on December 28, 2020. ITS THE PIC ABOVE. I was having some technical difficulties transferring the picture from my cell phone to my iPad, so I USED Facebook AS A CONDUIT to make the transfer happen. I have done this maneuver several times before without any thing special occurring. However, on this occasion, the response from men of all ages and races was surprising and unexpected. Since Dec 28, I have received as many as 300 friends requests a day from men only. Some young men seeking contact are young enough to be my grandsons. This unusual amount of male friends requests has continued until this very day, as I have had to delete Messenger. So consider this situation as a backdrop to the dream:

It seems I was at a conference with former colleagues, several assembled who had once been jealous backstabbers “back in the day.” I was to make a presentation. Rather than go into all the detailed dream drama, I appeared in the dream as a ridiculous buffoon, looked down upon in derision and not allowed to make the presentation. One of several reasons was because I was wearing a huge menstrual pad upon which there was no blood. I was depending on pantie hose to help the pad stay in place, but they were too small. So I was shown walking with tight knees to keep the pad from falling to the floor.

So what is Satan’s message? What is his purpose?

He is being insulting, suggesting that I am pretending to be decades younger than I actually am, , and in so doing, he implies that my present day associates on facebook—-the women, in particular—-are mocking me with “Pam, you may look youthful but you are an old woman, so stay in your lane and stop pretending you are young!”

Ordinarily when I find a dream disturbing, once I am awake, I can’t go back to sleep. Yet, not today. I did not interpret it immediately, instead I vowed to remember it as I fell back to sleep, for I was determined not to lose any sleep over it. As I re-examined it later on today, my enemies of 20 years ago symbolize those I have met since I have been ministering online.

Based upon current circumstances and events recently manifesting within my deliverance counseling practice, the enemy is really suggesting to me that “deliverance counseling does not work. “. In the dream, his goal was to block me from making a presentation. To block me from working! In other words, TO STOP ME FROM CASTING OUT EVIL SPIRITS. His intent is to discourage me, cause me to look within and assume that the problem lies in my personal pride and vanity. SUGGESTING I AM AN OLD WOMAN, HIDING BEHIND a youthful face,

Well, I am not stopped. Satan knows that trying to shame or humiliate me is not the best strategy of choice when confronting someone whose soul is as mine has become.

My truth is this.

Deliverance counseling works for “those who do the work.”

Truly, I offer no promises to the passive. Furthermore, I do not succumb to pride and vanity. I KNOW I am an elder, a senior. As such, I got no time to waste on such foolishness. For whether or not men are attracted to me is no where on my priority list IN THIS SEASON. Also, I don’t expect deliverance counseling to work for people who remain dull, lukewarm and passive.

Upon this ground, PSM stands:

I am not the Deliverer. The Holy Spirit is the Deliverer in His representation of the Father and the Son on Earth. My job is to expose lies and to prepare the elect to walk in and remain in truth. So none of my “presentations” are really about me. Instead, PSM is designed to cause seekers like you to understand and take authority over the ground you have opened so as not to give evil spirits an opportunity to work in you again. Of course, PSM provides an intelligent knowledge of God so that you can learn how to cooperate with Him.

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