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Why Do We Believe In Lies?

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Many Christians know that the Devil is the father of lies. In the Christendom-Sphere there’s a great deal of people who are aware that Satan lies, but they are still caught in his deception. This has to make us wonder, why do we believe in lies? Not just by sheer ignorance, but when we know the truth, why do we follow after what is false?

Origin Of Human Deception

In order to understand why we believe in lies, we must understand the origin of human deception that begins with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were “higher-human beings” and had not known sin. Their minds were sound, untouched by darkness or corrupted by sinfulness. They simply knew God’s presence, and His truth.

Both Adam and Eve were the spiritual authorities on the earth. They ruled over the earth by the authority given by God. So, to say that they were powerful and glorious, as God had intended they be.

One specific truth He gave, was that the Tree of Knowledge if eaten will result in death. Adam and Eve both understood this commandment from God. They simply knew it resulted in death. However, this is were the lies of the Devil come in, and begin the downward spiral of human deception.

Shaking Up Of Faith

When Satan approached Eve in the garden, he first asked Eve if God truly said what He said. This seems to be obvious, however Satan is “stirring up” doubt into Eve. This is only the initial phase of his temptation. Eve, never questioned what God had commanded her and no one else ever had either for that matter. She did not have any doubts, questions, or examined what she believed in. Simply because, she didn’t have to question God, she fully knew His goodness.

But, Satan knowing this, sought the opportunity to exploit this. Eve responded with the truth that she cannot eat or touch the Tree of Knowledge or she will die, despite “touch” not being in the commandment (see Genesis 2:17). Either way, this is where the Deceiver comes in and says, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:1-6). It’s obvious to anyone who reads that Satan is lying, but let’s remember Eve’s perspectives:

The only thing Adam and Eve knew about the Tree of Knowledge was that it caused death. There was no other mention, or explanation of “whys,” or a longer version of the story of what the Tree of Knowledge is. Other than, it’s a Tree of “knowledge of good and evil.” So, when Eve hears this “new” thing about this tree, and that “God knows” it will make her wise, her faith changes; the lies intrigued her.

Fall Of Faith

The deceptions of Satan begin to make Eve feel as though, “her eyes are closed.” There is now a sense that “there’s something this tree has that I don’t.” And from there does Eve’s vision begin to change, and the Tree of knowledge is now desirable to eat, pleasant to the eyes, and able to make her “wise.”

What is happening in this moment, is that Eve’s faith, that was in the truth: “You shall not eat of the tree of knowledge or you will die” is being “loosened” so to speak and “bound” into the lie: “you won’t die but be wiser like God.” And, as her faith then becomes made in Satan’s lies, she then eats of the fruit, and then Adam, and then they died.

So, why do we believe in lies from this observation? It’s simply that the lie’s “truth” makes more “sense” to us. There’s something within lies that is more believable than truth. And therefore, we believe in them. This is the essence we can take from Adam and Eve’s deception.

Lying Spirits And Saints

What’s the difference between a devil and a saint? A devil has faith in the lies of Satan. While, a saint has faith in the truth of God.

Lying spirits are meant to shake up our faith in the truth. No matter how they can achieve this. What Satan does in order to shake us up, is no different than what he did to Eve, and even attempted with Christ in the wilderness: DOUBT.

Satan sends out his evil emissaries to get our faith weak in the revealed truth of God. On top of that, to also make sure we remain ignorant. If our faith is weaken in the truth, we will begin to see things differently. We, like Eve, will see what’s evil as “good, and pleasant to the eyes.” Our sight, which was once on the truth, now becomes focused on what is false, and illusory. And once our vision is shifted, our faith is not too far at being turned over to the deception of our Adversary.

Satan and his wicked fallen angels and demons are waiting for one unstable soul willing to have faith in their lies; as they ask, “Who will believe in us and what we say?”

So, now, we need to ask ourselves, “Why do we believe in lies?”

Final Thoughts

Believing in lies is simply a lack of faith. But, the lie is not the “issue” necessarily, but it’s what we believe to be the truth. If from the beginning Eve had her focus on this, then she would have been able to resist the Devil and his cunning speech and he would have fled.

It’s the fact that, the lie had more attention than the truth.

Christians are not free of the lies and deceptions of Satan. Adam and Eve were spiritual rulers of the earth when Satan came to deceive them. And Jesus Christ the God-Man Himself wasn’t exempt from the Devil’s deceptions. We cannot let Satan’s lies deteriorate our faith in what’s real, and factual of God. The substance of Christ is far more powerful and liberating because of the fact: IT IS TRUTH!

Religion, and the world are slay by Satan, because of his lies. And that’s why when you become born again by God giving HIS FAITH IN HIS SON is what delivers you from your “fallen faith in lies” and removes you out of the world and darkness of this age and INTO THE TRUTH and light of Christ! Our ministry has our faith UNITED in the TRUTH that binds us as ONE BODY OF CHRIST. Together we strive with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to destroy the lies of Satan. For more information, check out our website by clicking here.

Any further thoughts on why do we believe in lies?

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