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Face the Devil ” warns you as a believer how not to allow your weaknesses and character flaws to hinder you in spiritual warfare. Solid and dependable wisdom will wake you to Satan’s strategies. For his ultimate goal is to open demonic doorways in you for the express purpose of gaining access to your soul. Not only does this book reveal ways and methods the enemy employs to manipulate you with mystical phenomena, you will catch up to the endgame of how cohorts of evil spirits seek to allure, seduce to take advantage of you, as is revealed in this phenomenal book. 

From personal experience, I am confident that you will be empowered with your own spiritual tools to protect yourself from the Enemy’s seductive schemes. As you read, pray and ask God to open your eyes and allow the wisdom within these pages to seep into your spirit and empower your soul. This book’s anointing applies more than enough spiritual knowledge for you to develop a discerning eye while living in a time of spiritual darkness. 

So, walk insightfully with your eyes wide open. Be woke!

Ebook: Face the Devil!

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