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This book presents  a DYNAMIC that no other end-time author has addressed. Pastor Pam informs and expresses much about the powers of darkness and deception that some are familiar with, but are unable to comprehend and decipher. The missing link is that those who are called of God are “desperate” but do not know that it is because they are without authentic salvation. Unfortunately, the power or “niche” of understanding that Pam brings forth may  not appear until someone not only   reads but actually studies  this prophetic book,  and then follows up by sharing  it with others. In this way, the reader can aid and abet  the process of UN-DECEPTION.

This book could be  “the last call “TO COME HOME”… so to speak. and will speak volumes to the ELECT of GOD in the age of Laodicea!… This book is a GIFT to  THE chosen ones…..THOSE that are truly WILLING TO FORSAKE ALL FOR JESUS, ALL FOR TRUTH!

Ebook: The Church of the End Time Zombies

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