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A Christian’s badge of honor is usually church attendance and ministry. Numerous, sincere believers find their peace behind the walls of a church. Many have found comfort in sitting in the pews and letting the sunshine rain in through the majestic stained glass. 

Yet are you aware that 2000years ago, the Lord sent a letter to one of the 7 churches and declared “I know where Satan’s Seat is? “ 

This book explores where Satan’s Seat is today, in the here and the now! Once you ingest and truly absorb, the Holy Spirit is bound to open up your spiritual vision to recognize where Satan’s Seat is in YOUR own life.  

With this amazing book, Pam Sheppard has birthed yet another spiritual warfare textbook in the Beware Christian Series that is extremely vital for our times. For it contains a wealth of valuable spiritual understanding that is absolutely essential in a time when so many Christians are unprepared for the onslaught of Satan’s deception that moves well beyond the realm of sin and worldly temptation. For demons and devils have seriously infiltrated institutional religion.As a pastor in a well-known denomination for 25 years, the author shares how the Lord spoke to her and led her out of the institutional church system.

Like a suspense novel you will not be able to put this ebook down as a lifetime of true and real experiences unfold. Your eyes will be opened to how the Enemy operates behind the scenes within the institutional religious system aka “the Harlot” of the book of Revelation. 

As you look through the eyes of the author who became a minister in 1981, you will be amazed at her ability to stand in Christ in spite of the the enemy’s plans to destroy her by using churchfolk within denominational ministry and within the membership.You will be shocked and even outraged at how the bishop and elders were among the worst offenders in an attempt to kill, steal and destroy the author multiple times. As the pages turn, you will come to see how Satan uses his seat not only in religious institutions, but also from his place within relationships, family and even within marriages in an to attempt to crush your own spiritual life.

Ebook: Where Satan's Seat Is

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