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EIC Has A Global Reach

EIC is helping captives all over the world who are seeking counseling, mentorship, assistance, guidance and growth.

Presently, members includes believers from the U.S, London, France, Ireland, Finland, Nigeria, South Africa and New Zealand to name a few. 

We also  support specific African and Caribbean communities on social media such as  The U.S and Canadian communities.


New Members  have creative opportunities for learning experiences and growth beyond their initial understanding.


Once mentoring begins, no matter where you are in the world, you will be given the truth in understanding who you are and what you are.


The key to unlocking the torment you may be suffering, could be a result of recognizing a self-inflicted ail or spiritual compromise that was offered by your own doing. Time to take back your power.

Our trained mentors and disciples have the ability to assist you in fighting the battles you struggle with everyday. You have a choice in how your life will unfold by learning the truth about the gospel.


You have the opportunity to help yourself by acknowledging your failures and setbacks. You will gain an understanding of where you stand in the End Times, what controls you and how you can change your circumstances if you really want to be seen in the eyes of God.


Our aim to assist those to whom the Lord is speaking  regarding their IC membership, with a seamless transition into the truth of these End Times.


We are strengthened by our efforts to protect all of the children of God from dangerous practices, misinformation, lies, false conversions, false gods and torment. 

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