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War Room Prayers

We've only just begun transcribing audio prayers for individual prayer needs.  The first prayer Pastor Pam  transcribed was in 2021 for a client in deliverance ministry.  She was sent  the audio file by email and this is her report:

 Felt itching on my face as if a mask was slowly being pealed off of my face. Heard banging against walls, from left to right. I also heard growling, slurping of saliva, heavy breathing, long nails across wood, as if a beast walking to and fro. My insomnia was gone by day 3. I can now sleep through the night. 

Once the prayer was released to others, we received several positive reports.  Click here for the audio prayer.

Recently a second audio prayer was recorded and sent to the mother of one of our EIC members.  The mother continues to manifest remarkable, amazing recovery from ulcerative colitis.  Click here to listen to the second prayer. The YouTube video below  is a member's testimony of her mother's healing and recovery from ulcerative colitis.

Receive Your own Personal Prayer for Healing or Deliverance

There are enough people asking others to  pray for finances so we rarely do so. We do not pray to change the will of others because that would be akin to witchcraft.  We will pray for the things the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth prayed for and we expect the Father to respond to our faith in the Lord. 

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