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A Deliverance Counseling Testimony

I I  I couldn’t wait to tell you everything I’ve been experiencing, so just to keep a log I will mention here what has transpired since listening to the deliverance tape.  


RECORDING Day 1- Felt itching on my face and as if a mask was slowly being pealed from my face. Heard banging against walls, I could hear it from the left to the right.  Growling, slurping of saliva, heavy breathing, long nails across wood…like a beast walking to and fro. When you got to the sleeper cell part, I heard popping like fireworks far away.  I heard a lady laughing loudly towards the end.  Oh yeah, and when you mentioned Brahma at the beginning I felt movement in the area it inhabits.


Day 5- The feeling of a mask being pulled off my face.  Lighter as if something dark and heavy had been lifted off me.


Day 7- Again as if a mask was being removed, began reading your book, "the Church of the End time Zombies.  I  saw orbs (demons fly off).



READING Day  10-Passivity, I wasn’t always passive and wondered how I suddenly was…Sannanda that’s how!!!

        15-Got to pg. 105 of the book and a point of BRIGHT LIGHT appeared and stayed on the page next to( IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARAETH) for 3 seconds became brighter and disappeared. 

        17- I had just finished meditating on how ALL the greatness of God became man, died, rose from the dead and is ALIVE when I heard a loud sound in my head, as if air was being let out of a big balloon, as soon as I did I saw about 50 orbs fly up.   


This book is an eye opener, the more I read and come to the truth the more these demons  fly outa me, I was 7 years old the last time I felt this free! I have been a captive since the age of 7; it was Sannanda I was asking to help me find something to wear as a child when laundry hadn’t been done!  It’s a hard reality to know your savior has actually been a fallen angel for 47 years…a big part of my identity had to die, take NO PRISONERS this is war!


A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about what an amazing blessing you have been.  I was drawn to you after reading several of your writings but after meeting you, I knew you were special and could help me. I hope to share more with you on Sunday and if I don’t give 12 hr notice to cancel, I pay the fee!  God bless you for setting the captives free. MARLA


Facebook Testimonies


“I listened to Pam Pastor’s videos before I called her. I heard her testimonies and I said to myself I want call her. That was 9 years later. Hey, if you are stuck in a spiritual rut give Pastor Pam a toll free call at 1-888-818-1117.” -Jules

“It's time to prepare immediately. Thank you for sharing vital information to the people.” -Walter


“I want to express my heart and gratitude to you, and also to all our group Administrators, and to our wonderful pastor! pastor Pamela Sheppard whom God has also be using mightily to transform this group, everyday in my heart, I have always prayed and thanking God for you day by day, I pray! God continue to lift you up and strengthens you from glory to glory, from strength to strength, I know the journey to heaven is not easy, but I believe by his grace we shall finish well and we will in Jesus Name. I Love you, God bless you all Amen. from bro Ituen ekemini Chating with u from Nigeria” -Ekemini

“Amen Pastor Pam! You are a fighter, KEEP FIGHTING THAT GOOD FIGHT. No matter what battle you face, NOTHING is too hard for the LORD of Lords!!!” -Evan

“About 7 yrs. ago, I found an article written by Pastor Pamela Sheppard, on "The Compatible Soul." It really spoke to me. I often wondered for years if I would find people of like mind and any who would help restore my faith in the misunderstood doctrine of Christianity. Heck, I did not even know what a GOLD MINE OF TRUTH I had come upon. It was THIS MINISTRY that lead me to the true gospel of JESUS CHRIST and showed me THE IMPORTANCE & the empowerment of and use of my own divinely given free will.” -Tina

“I've listened to this for the fourth time and this time what stands out to me is when the demons was trying to tell Pastor Pam what I got to thinking that the enemy this way as well- using tell you what to do or not do the fruit or outcome being you feeling like you are giving ground or bits of yourself. Soon they're in charge. I had this experience with my ex with others, it's as a result of trying to please ppl and be accommodating so my challenge right now without seeming obnoxious which is hard because it's like going from one extreme to the other - not being in charge of your life to now trying to take charge like an inexperienced child 🤦” -Ricia

“I think a lot of people who, “are spying out our liberty in Christ” are being exposed. Because these people are either apathetic or just spies. I’m thankful this is happening and think it was destined. The Lord still says concerning Him and His people, “Whoever is not against us is on our side” (Luke 9:50).

Many think there is only two sides (which there are) but there are there: WITH the Kingdom, AGAINST the Kingdom, or INDIFFERENT of the Kingdom— the latter two ARE THE SAME.” -Evan

“Great article, the comparison to the Israelites is quite apt. I hadn't even considered that apathy was something the devil would utilize. It makes sense though, what doesn't he use to deceive people? Speaking of apathy, I'm finding that it's impossible for me to be apathetic while I'm involved in this group reading, posting, learning. I usually check it every morning and I've noticed that it's helped keep me centered in my thoughts. Words affect the soul; I see this group as us strengthening each other's souls in truth, knowledge, and wisdom. So to be among you and learn from resources like this article I am truly grateful!” -George

“Interesting article. I’m not sure if I’m dealing with this type of apathy. It’s like I was walking on the wrong road for so long and I gave much of my time and believing in something that wasn’t true that at the moment I don’t care. I didn’t experience God the way the Israelites did. I think the “ I don’t care” I’m experiencing is setting me free from the false doctrine and deception I followed. Its the lack of enthusiasm of the false beliefs I had. But at the same time I feel like I’m bored while sitting in a waiting room for my turn to be called. I hope that made sense... 😂” -Sherrie

“Another form of deception that I know several people in this group have fallen victim to in the past! Reiki. I actually partook in this years ago but I've since seen it for what it is. Come get some understanding on a rapidly-growing deception so we can equip the people with Godly knowledge!” -George

“I have nothing more to say to church goers.”

— In a similar manner, I’ve stopped trying to tell my natural family members things against what they practice in modern churchianity. Instead, now I just don’t say anything, or say “everybody has the right to believe what they choose to believe”.


To Pastor Pam Sheppard: When  YOU speak, there is always that now-familiar sense of calmness, seriousness, transcendence, and awesome reality...

What is different about your attitude here from 99.9% of religious attitudes, is that you ACTUALLY believe God does stuff; you literally believe you can trust him to do stuff. The solidity of that trust is evident, when you talk. It is SO REFRESHING to hear. Makes one ponder what his character must be like...

Not to mention how you demonstrate an ACTUAL admiration of him, an actual desire to WANT to trust him, to RATHER trust him, to WILLINGLY CHOOSE trusting him, rather than trusting the many things people usually want to hang onto instead.

Just, I see it, that’s all, I see it. When you say, “wherever he wants to go”, you’re thinking of a whole lot that we don't understand yet... I LOVE IT!!! 


“Nice article. This article really does a good job explaining different topics that Pastor Pam's counseling can help a person with. It really zones in on the devil's attempts to try to tempt and destroy you. I like that it shows how important it is to find out what ground the enemy has over you. To overcome, it's not just a verbal rebuke but your actions have to change in every single way that you made yourself susceptible to the enemy.” -Abby

“I love how the audio says its a heart thing, u gotta feel it in your heart. That part was so touching the most to me.” Kita

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EIC"s  origins  began as an online fellowship in 2012, formerly known as RESCUE.  We have continued to stand  as a beacon of faith on the Internet for ten years. As a part of the Body of Christ with Him as our Head, we are a place of prayer, healing, deliverance, truth,  peace and joy to all who join us, as evidenced by a plethora of testimonies. Our community is richly diverse, with people of different ages, races, cultures and backgrounds coming together to worship and serve together. We welcome all individuals seeking God’s love and our doors are open to every soul seeking Jesus to know Him, and to allow us to bring the truth for the sake of spiritual rebirth, maturity and freedom. 

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