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Why Join Exodus Internet Church? 

Listen to the video above---a testament to God's love for all, as Jesus delivered a Narcissist. EIC is about Deliverance, Truth and Freedom in the Joy of the Lord!!

The major goal of our Facebook Group called LET MY PEOPLE GO is to undeceive, set captives free, prepare the elect for the return of the Lord and equip disciples. Many of the people who have left Church buildings have set up home fellowships, got the paperwork etc.


In essence, they simply left the church and re-invented Her, with church and religion as usual. For EIC Jesus Christ of Nazareth is at THE CENTER of All Things, Spirit, Soul and Body.

Recently , with the social distancing requirement of the Coronavirus, churches are scrambling to reinvent themselves with an online presence on a worldwide scale. EIC has provided online Christian fellowship for 9 years. 


This group is not about that. We are not "church as usual." We are Exodus Internet Church, but we do nothing in imitation of the traditional church model. We focus very little on the institutional church, and less and less on each false doctrine and practice.


What we emphasize has evolved into what the name of this group suggests. Being undeceived. Rescued from religion. FREEDOM from legalism. Knowing both God and the strategies of the enemy. Letting truth set captives free.



Letting God's People Go means to be undeceived, recued from religion, freedom from legalism and let's not forget knowing both God and the Strategies of the ENEMY. Simply put, EIC applies TRUTH to Set Captives Free.

The promotion of individual self-determination and Spiritual Growth are the extraordinary assets of this ministry. EIC is dedicated to nurturing the hope for God in the unsaved and maintaining the Love of God within the Born Again children of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Overcoming Idolatry in “the Evil Day.” 


In the days of Moses, the Golden Calf was synonymous with idolatry of that day. 

 The mission and the vision of EIC is connected to the fact that the enemy has taken over Christian pulpits worldwide, where false teachings are rampant.  EIC has a mission and a vision  to help you overcome in the evil day.


 EIC desires to MAKE DISCIPLES of YOU by the hand of God. The goal is to help YOU develop your skills, gifts and talents, so that you are able to take facts and knowledge and turn them into wisdom, and EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE it to others.

 The method of EIC is to take groups of facts (truths and un-truths) and this will prepare you to DISSECT THEM so as to uncover and expose the Devil’s FALSE and MIXED DOCTRINE that masquerades as LIGHT.


When the enemy is IN YOUR FACE over something SERIOUS, YOU WILL NEED to KNOW WHAT TO DO or WHAT ‘NOT’ TO DO.  Our goal is to simplify your journey in TRUTH so that you can navigate through the EVIL DAY, while regaining the full use of your will to obey God with the truths that you have  learned. 


The FACE to FACE MOVEMENT and  the Bridal Paradigm aka Romancing Jesus goes, These and other practices are idolatrous  perversions  of GOD’s TRUTH similar to the idolatry practiced in the days of Moses.  Since you  are to walk by FAITH and not by SIGHT, then you must ask yourself, is it correct to SEEK a one on one meeting with Jesus or desire to ‘SEE’ an image of HIM?


If WE ARE TO worship Jesus Christ  IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH, then we should not seek to see Him face to face.  If you do, then the one you saw was the Fake Jesus. You opened the door to him to “come into your heart chakra.” F2F meetings with Jesus are FALSE practices.

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EIC on Facebook 
Group Fellowship For New Members
Juliet and Tina 
 Social Media Mentors:
Leeann, Abbi,Kathy,  Juliet, Kayla, 

Video Tribute to Pastor Pam's 45th year being Born Again!



Pastor Pamela Sheppard has dedicated her life to revealing the truth of the gospel through her ministry and her effort to set all captives free.

Pastor Pam is surrounded by dedicated and loving understudies and coaches, who work closely to guide new members out of captivity.


Take a look at this tribute video to feel the joy in the hearts of the members of EIC  as Pastor Pam celebrates her 45th born again second birthday!

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EIC 5 Fold Ministry
 Deliverance  Deacons

  Enrique, Juliet and George

Evangelists are Abby, George and Evan

Aaron,  Leeann

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