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Breaking Free: Detoxing From Religious Substances

"Just admit you know nothing!"

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

What takes us off equal footing is religiosity.

Religiosity makes one boast that they "accepted Jesus".That is a WORK!

A part of the process of detox is to take into account that the gospel has been complicated and distorted.

Religious spirits can imitate a salvation experience to the extent that it actually looks bonafide!

When the Holy Spirit blows on you, you will get a new spirit.


SIGN UP to become an Exodus Internet Church member today!

We are BETTER THAN GHOSTBUSTERS BECAUSE WE HAVE God’s gift of discerning of spirits.

No spitting up or falling out. No public embarrassment.

We have professional deliverance counselors, coaches and mentors to ensure freedom and success.

We offer a deliverance within a period of 7-14 days for those who complete the initial process.

Anywhere you are in the world.

EMAIL us at:

Or CALL us at (888) 818 1117

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