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Overcoming Occult Manifestation--Subliminals— in the New Year (2024)

Read Lee's powerful testimony about Jesus Christ of Nazareth setting her free from "subliminals", or occult manifestations:

The arrival of the New Year brings about the concept of ‘New Year's Resolutions,’ which has its roots in Babylon, around 2000 B.C. The new year was celebrated during the spring equinox, and the Akitu festival marked the renewal of life. During this festival, individuals made promises to the gods for good behavior in the coming year—one of the false deities being the infamous Marduk, specifically listed in Jeremiah 50 as quaking in fear upon Babylon’s capture (“…Bel will be put to shame, Marduk filled with terror…They will dry up. For it [Babylon] is a land of idols, idols that will go mad with terror.) (Jeremiah 50:2, 38).

Similarly, in ancient Rome, resolutions were made to Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, during the early days of the calendar year. Janus was often depicted with two faces, looking to the past and the future, symbolizing reflection and foresight.

The primary purpose of New Year's Resolutions is to encourage individuals to reflect on their past experiences and set positive intentions for the future. It serves as a time for self-evaluation, prompting people to consider areas in their lives where they can strive for improvement. This practice fosters a sense of accountability and determination, motivating individuals to embark on personal growth journeys.

New Year Resolutions often revolve around common themes that encompass various aspects of life. Health and fitness goals, including exercise routines, healthy eating habits, and weight management, are frequently at the forefront. Personal development goals focus on acquiring new skills, pursuing education, and advancing in one's career. Relationships are also a common area of resolution, with individuals aiming to enhance communication, spend quality time with loved ones, and build new connections. Mental well-being is another prevalent category, encompassing goals related to stress management, mindfulness, and emotional resilience.

In order to reach these the goal of New Year Resolutions, individuals may find themselves drawn to watching or listening to ‘Subliminal messaging,’ also simply known as ‘subliminals.’

Subliminals are audio-based, comprising of a specific set of binaural beats (akin to drumbeats set at a specific frequency to ‘train’ the subconscious/brain to receive the intended effect of the subliminal), repeated affirmations, and relevant isochronic tones/rife frequencies (high-pitched tones intended to manifest an effect on the physical body.)

The user will listen to these subliminal audios to manifest the object of their desire. They may range as practical as ‘Improve Heart Health’ to ‘Manifest Miracles for the Next 24-Hours’, depending on what the user is seeking to receive. The tie-in to New Year Resolutions are people often using them as a quick and easy way to succeed in their ambitions without realizing the inherent occult element to subliminals themselves. The affirmations played in the background of subliminals at a frequency too high for the natural ear to hear gives a straightforward way for someone to have an unfiltered, unguarded access to one’s subconscious mind. Not to mention, the usage of affirmations themselves are linked to the Law of Attraction, a witchcraft practice, which manifests results based upon extreme focus and repetition, which evil spirits are more than happy to oblige in exchange for control via divination.

As the user becomes increasingly dependent on and addicted to subliminals, they may realize that they’d become open to supernatural phenomenon as the binaural beats and isochronic tones open one’s chakras and thus, the soul is exposed to the spiritual realm.

Even after one stops listening to the subliminals, they may ‘retain’ the effects of the audio, depending on how long, often, and ‘open’ one is receiving the subliminal messaging.

Recently, I have realized that these subliminals may even lay dormant in one’s own soul even years after one has disavowed and stopped listening to subliminal audios. My first subliminal was around 12-13 years old, my last—the age of 18. They were mainly intended to help with my autoimmune illness(es), especially Eczema and severe allergies. The audios were often mixed with a diverse, “fleshly” set of affirmations, ranging from 'Increased Prosperity’ to ‘acne-free skin’, along with the intended autoimmune relief.

Towards the end of the year, I noticed an increased discernment that something wasn’t quite right in how I would experience bodily twitches, pains in certain areas of the body, and witness small ‘flea’ like orbs whizzing about my line of sight. I rebuked them in the name of the Lord and commanded them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but these experiences continued. Confused, I prayed to the Father to ask what exactly the nature of these instances was. I’ve touched a myriad of the occult: Subliminals, reiki, chakra-opening, singing bowls, and a host of other practices—including the Sinner’s Prayer, communion, and seeking prayer from deliverance ministry in the Institutional Church system. Lastly, I needed help in figuring out what exactly was happening in order to correctly confront it.

On News Years Day, it crossed my mind to re-address the subliminals again. After I was born again, I was somewhat concerned about these subliminals still running amuck, enough to where I prayed for these doors to be closed to my soul if they happened to be open. Yet, the abrupt pains and bodily twitching had me thinking that perhaps that they needed to be ‘bound’ instead of ‘casted out’ or ‘closed out’ if they were still active.

Praying to the Lord, I decided to asked the Father to bind the subliminals affecting parts of the body, which I recalled having listened to subliminals for—the jaw, the shoulders, the eyes, and so forth. Each time, I felt ‘suction cups’ being removed—one of the most significant being the jaw, which had been severely tight for more than four years. I remember ‘experimentally’ listening to a subliminal on a whim for a more pronounced and forward jawline (this was toward the end of listening to subliminals to show you how my vanity had taken precedence, not just health concerns any longer). After listening, my jawline was indeed tighter, but the muscles were unnaturally clamped.

Over time, I forgot about how my jaw felt ‘pre-subliminal,’ assuming that I must’ve been suffering from TMJ. Subliminals are usually thought to ‘fade away’ once one stops listening and some can’t even receive subliminals if their willpower is too strong.

Understand, these subliminals were from so long ago. I had since forgot about them, but as I prayed for the subliminals to be bound—I began to remember listening to each of their audios. Memories long since buried. The reason why I bring up the ‘jaw’ subliminal, because as I prayed for it to be bound in the POWER OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH—I felt a pull, a tug, and then a ‘POP’ of my jaw being reset at its original placement. The entire time, I assumed that perhaps I was suffering from simply T.M.J.

All this time, the binding as held, and as I go forth this New Year—I can’t help but wonder if the Lord is helping to remove ‘old wineskins’ to provide HIS healing with the arrival of the ‘flood’ at Exodus Internet Church. Although, in any case, I’m more than eternally grateful for the opportunity to be given the discernment and understanding to be edified for to (God-willing) be without SPOT or BLEMISH.

While New Year Resolutions hold cultural significance, they are not without criticism. Some argue that the tradition can lead to unrealistic expectations and unnecessary pressure, setting individuals up for failure. Alternatives to traditional resolutions include adopting a continuous goal-setting mindset, focusing on specific, achievable objectives, and embracing a growth-oriented approach that allows for flexibility. In my opinion, they bring out an unnatural sense of pressure—worldly expectations. Meanwhile, ‘to walk by faith’ means to set oneself apart from such constructs. As we approach the New Year, let’s focus on what the Lord desires from us—to be sanctified, SEPARATED from the world—preparing for the Return of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: body, soul (mind), and spirit. No subliminals necessary if you’re obedient to the instruction of the Holy Ghost!

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