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The Holy Spirit as A Helper in Deliverance Counseling

The Holy Spirit Helping the Counselor

By Pam Sheppard

Counseling has been my profession since 1968 and then in 1973, I became certified after obtaining a masters degree in social work and ultimately licensed to practice in NY. Once I got born again in 1977, I began to periodically notice when and how the Holy Spirit would help me with my clients. Yet before that in 1975, I also experienced how fallen angels can also use a counselor to communicate with a client as well. What fallen angels do with counselors who are open to the occult is use them as channels and actually speak through them to the client. Devils simply move the counselor’s spirit aside, enter his or her body and use his or her tongue to speak—either with the counselor’s own voice or a different one.

On the contrary. The Holy Spirit helps both the client and the counselor to effectively communicate with each other, with them not even being fully aware as to how He has significantly “helped.”

The Case of Gene: the Holy Spirit "Helped."

In a previous session, I prayed for a client whose name I have changed to “Gene,” asking God to reveal to him the cause of his torment. Then in the next session, I suggested to Gene that he was spiritually blind. I turned to I Corinthians 4:2,3:

For if our gospel is hid, it is hid to those who are lost, The god of this world has BLINDED the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

In response, Gene recalls a dream he received that very morning. In short, he was riding on a fast moving rollercoaster, was blind and could not see anything.

If Gene had revealed the dream at the beginning of the session, I would have certainly turned to II Corinthians 4:2,3 to interpret a dream about spiritual blindness. That was a no brainer for me. What was “supernatural” about these circumstances is that I actually interpreted Gene’s dream before I knew of its existence. Unknowingly, I interpreted a dream that I had not yet heard! Impossible without HELP!

As a result, I could not produce a session like that on my own professional skills. Actually, to be directed to that scripture was an answer to my prayer of the previous week. I had asked God to reveal both the cause and the solution to Gene’s issues. Without my knowing anything at all about Gene’s dream, I found myself discussing spiritual blindness. So occurring in this rather unusual turn of events only served to increase Gene’s faith to believe that God is quietly working in his life for a specific reason: to undeceive him and bring him light and truth. In just ONE week after my prayer for Gene, we received both answers: the cause of the bondage is Gene’s lack ofspiritual insight— blocked by Satan and the solution– that I continue to feed him scriptures that reveal the Lord in all His glory.

We also got a third answer.

Gene may not yet be born again but he is one of God’s elect. Why? Because the Holy Spirit came to help Gene be undeceived. In times past, Gene didn’t wait on God to call you to Himself, he prematurely jumped out and went into another direction—the broad way that the Lord says will lead to damnation. Gene was birthed into a false conversion by a fallen angel. The roller coaster in the dream includes several idolatrous religious and occult practices.” The supernatural help of the Holy Ghost is an indication that Gene’s spiritual blindness shall be removed and that he will receive the light of the glorious gospel that shines in the face of Jesus.

The way deliverance counseling is designed is an open door to the Holy Spirit to help us in the work, for I practice as an ordained minister and not as a licensed social worker. PSM is a ministry that offers deliverance counseling around the world. Yes, we get paid for our skills and our time. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit enhances what we have learned and PSM counselors are prepared, due to our hands-on certification as well as the help of the Holy Spirit.

So give deliverance counseling a try by setting up your first appointment on Zoom from any part of the world. Send an email to or call 888-818-1117

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