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This workshop provides a very simple narrative of a very complicated institution, the organized church. The simplicity of the historic overview provides a practical sense of where the IC has been over the last 1700 years so that each participant will be able to withstand the devil’s tricks and wiles that will be manifested through false prophets in our time. Some of the topics in this course include and are not limited to fallen angels masquerading as ascended masters, how to avoid being deceived in end times, preparing for the tribulation, and understanding some of the Lord’s parables with emphasis on His own words as recorded by John in the book of Relation. 

 The 3 -books associated with this course are “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us” , " The Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About, “and “the Church of the End-time Zombies.” 

With the essay, you will examine a case for a topic based upon what you have learned in this course in the books, the videos and the articles, point out the evidence relative to the topic.You can paraphrase in your own words as well as make a direct quote from the material. Send the essay to and allow 48 hours for an EIC staff member  to  grade your essay. 


Course: The Church in End Times

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