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Pamela Sheppard


Born again since March 29, 1977, a minister since 1981, Pamela Sheppard, a.k.a. "Pastor Pam" is an author of several Christian non-fiction paperbacks and ebooks.


She wears the mantle of Moses, as she looks Satan in the face commanding him to “let God’s people go!”


The written word of God is her sword of the spirit!

A powerful believer in Christ and a faithful child and servant of God, Pam’s long-standing expertise and divine anointing have empowered her with special skills to expose deception, unlock chains of bondage, and set people free by shedding light upon unseen realities.


Her vision as an author continues to be sharp, deep and prophetic as she remains watchful and alert in this season. Truly, Pam Sheppard is a chosen vessel of God for His purpose of letting His People Go!

Pamela Sheppard's


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