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The Workshop Model consists of a list of essentials that serve as the foundation of all spiritual warfare if captives are really going to be set free, and most of  all, REMAIN FREE! . The Deliverance Essentials Workshop (DEW) consists of 12 lectures, short answer and essay  tests, and special projects , using  4 essential E-books. The titles of each workshop are: Know How Satan Tempts YOU, Know WHO Satan sends to You, Know How Satan Deceives YOU, and How to Stand and Not Stumble. 

Although DEW is designed like a college virutal course, it is clear and simple enough for anyone who can at least read at an 8th grade level. For 30 days, you will also be assigned your own personal coach trained by Pastor Pam, who will:

  •  Grade each student’s tests and projects 
  •  Address the weak areas and develop an individualized deliverance  plan based on needs.
  • Assist each student as needed. 
  • participate in certification of potential deliverance ministry candidates. 
  • Make referrals as needed.

You will be coached by a mentor of Exodus Internet Church. You will be responded to by email  within 48 hours. 

DEW 101 Four Essentials to Spiritual Freedom

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