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Deny or Betray Jesus: the Judas Spirit Today

A Warning From Jessie Penn-Lewis More than a Century Ago!!!!

To maintain his defensive position, the believer needs to know what evil spirits can cause to be done to him, and about him, and be especially on guard lest he yields to their workings, thinking he is submitting to God. He must know that lying spirits can “burden’ other Christians about him; give visions to them, and misinterpret things about him; cause these ‘burdened” ones to write about him to others, and suggest thoughts to others to his detriment; in brief, use every possible device to move him from his position of victory over them in his own personal life and environment.

The greater his position of triumph—“having overcome them all”—the keener the new schemes of the wily foe to dislodge the victorious one from his armour-encased position. If by any of these means they can get him to turn from the aggressive warfare upon them, or be disturbed by the apparent misjudgments of others, or beguiled into looking upon these things as a “cross” he must bear, he will have failed to discern the tactics of the wily foe.

But when the believer knows what evil spirits can do to them, and about him, he can distinguish their workings through others, and, standing steadily in his defenced position, he protects himself by aggressive warfare upon them as they work in these special ways, and does not settle down to accept all these things as ‘the will of God’, but sets himself to extinguish them by a systematic and persistent counter-prayer campaign.

The Lord Led Me to Jessie in the year 2000

Because my spiritual life began in the New Age, occult realm in 1974, i have withstood and overcome a lot of deception simply because I was simply way too comfortable in all things supernatural. Even though I had a true born again experience in 1977, two years later upon joining  a church, the people were ill equipped to advise me on demonic deception, for they were totally in the dark on the ways of the devil.    From the 70’s to the year 2000, I believed that every voice I heard and every dream or vision I experienced was from the Lord—a very serious mistake. A significant cause of my deception was that I often anchored my faith into signs and wonders, supporting my position with scriptures taken out of context.  

Then in the year 2000, someone gave me a gift of Jessie’s book, “War on the Saints.”  Almost immediately,  Jessie’s book began  to open my eyes and undeceive me.   I recommend that you purchase a copy for yourself.  If you want to overcome the spirit of Judas, which is reflected in the present day Judas spirit, her book will open your eyes and you will be blessed by the impact this powerful woman of God can have over your life.  In my case, the Lord used Jessie’s wisdom to anoint me with wisdom and revelation, and inspired me to write 17 books of my own. 

10 Signs of a Judas Spirit

1. Rejection of the brethren is a major strategy of the Judas Spirit, particularly when another alleged “child of God” is functioning as your  messenger or even your prophet. .

How do I know this?  Well I spent the first  25 years of my spiritual life around counterfeit believers who had no love in them for others. Yet, because they were so religious, it never really crossed my mind that these religious folk were not even  born again. Years of observation led me to create two keyword phrases: premature births and counterfeit births.  A premature mature birth occurs when the elect of God did not wait on God to call him or her but used his own will to “accept Jesus” .  A false convert is a tare–one whom Satan has planted among us who will probably never be converted.  This is a Judas Spirit. .  

2. Remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against devils and demons. Therefore, devils and demons are forced to use people as their messengers. Consequently, the enemy’s natural and spiritual emissaries are usually false brethren.

3. I have found that once my spiritual discernment has been exercised sufficiently to recognize good from evil, a counterfeit emissary cannot remain around me for very long. There are times when I am contacted by email by people who have either visited my website or read one of my books or articles who sense that we are on the same spiritual track. Yet as soon as a difference comes to the surface, they behave in unfriendly, unseemly and even disturbing ways. They have a Judas Spirit. 

3. No one has  to agree with you on EVERYTHING for them to continue loving you. Christian love is manifested as tolerance and loving correction. Whether you left their home church or not, if they are true Christians, they ought to accept the fact that you love Christ and you are in obedience to Him, even though your path may be different from theirs. So a lack of tolerance, flexibility and sobriety is a sign of a Judas Spirit  and/or a premature or  a counterfeit birth. 

4. True brethren may not approve of your doctrine or even your lifestyle but to them, a prayerful spirit of freedom  and understanding is essential to Christian love. Rejection based upon doctrinal differences is of the devil. 

5. So keep this in mind. The religious fallen angel or demon assigned to you has an agenda centered on causing YOU to lose your salvation. So the Judas Spirit   will use human vessels to bring you to a point of discouragement by any means necessary. 

6. Whatever causes you to feel hopeless and without God in the world, is not the same factors that can be effective against someone else. So this demon will use different strategies but the goal is the same. 

7. The Judas Spirit will do whatever he is permitted to do by God in an effort to seduce you to hate God. Like Job’s wife, the enemy will find someone in your life to say by their actions and their message, “Curse God and DIE!”

8. So in order to defeat you and to set up his purposes to derail you, the religious faallen angels and demons  have  to counterfeit God Himself, both His presence and His workings.  The pretense is cleverly planned with all of your weaknesses in mind. 

9. The goal is to obtain YOUR cooperation each evil spirit  must obtain the consent of your will. To cause you the disappointment that he is seeking, the religious demon must first build up your confidence as a means to tear it down at the crucial time. 

10. The Judas Spirit  will use fake  believers, even family and friends to set you up for rejection. The  intent is to penetrate your soul  with thought/ feelings of acute darkness, confusion, strife, chaos and anxiety, often felt like a knife-like pain in your chest.

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