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The Dichotomy Between Mental Health and the Wiles of the Devil

Humans are comprised of three different components: spirit, soul, and body. Consequently, there are professional fields specialized to maintain these areas of the human condition. Doctors treat a person’s body using scientific reasoning. Psychologists, therapists, and counselors resolve issues related to a person’s soul, which comprises of their will, mind, and emotions. Deliverance ministers dedicate themselves to protect, heal, and console a captive’s spirit by combating unseen, oppressive forces of the devil.

That said, deliverance ministry is often mocked and ridiculed as evidenced by the recent toxic treatment of Dr. Stella Immanuel, a board certified physician as well as a deliverance minister. Dr. Immanuel’s credibility as a doctor was attacked on the basis of her belief in the existence of demons. Simply put, the world does not want to recognize the existence of evil spirits. The globe’s harsh reaction to Dr. Immanuel for embracing the existence of demons is akin to repudiating someone for believing in ‘the germ theory.’

Nevertheless, Dr. Immanuel is not the only clinical professional to be convinced of an otherworldly evil. The late M. Scott Peck, a famous psychiatrist, also pondered the existence of the devil. At first, he was firmly convinced the devil did not exist: An attitude shared with “99% of psychiatrists and the majority of the clergy.” Peck was led to come to terms with the undeniable reality of evil spirits after he was involved in two exorcisms.

Physicians must have at least eight years of medical school to treat a body; and psychologists and other therapists must have 6 or more years of college to treat a mind. On the contrary, deliverance workers are mostly without training in a fully established school that specializes in deliverance as a means to set captives free. They often must depend upon Self Study of scriptures and books written by a select group of Christian authors. Towards this end, Pam Sheppard Ministries currently offers its expertise. 

PSM has overseen hundreds of online deliverance cases since 2002. Having trained a cadre of former captives set free by deliverance counseling, once delivered, several have been equipped and armed with spiritual revelations and insights cultivated and documented by Pastor Pam Sheppard since 1983. former captives now serve as deliverance coaches, certified and supervised by Pastor Pam, who was called and ordained in 1981.

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